Bolted Steel Tanks for Sale

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A Steel Wall

 When it comes to storage tanks that can store a plethora of industrial materials, there are various types to choose from, depending on your industry’s needs. Should you need a concrete tank that blends in with its environment for an agricultural application or a tank that has a special inside lining to prevent exposure and contamination, Aquadam can provide the specific storage tanks you need to keep your industrial liquids and materials safe and contained.

However, the industrial sector is a demanding one, sometimes requiring extreme measures and specialised products to meet clients’ needs. As a result, if you need a storage tank that can withstand almost anything, Aquadam delivers bolted steel tanks for sale that will laugh in the face of severe weather and protect the contents with unfailing integrity and a special coating to prevent contamination or exposure to the outside world. Today, we will go into some detail on the type of tanks that are perfect for a variety of applications within the industrial sector, giving you a viable solution that is both durable and strong within a single storage tank.

The Rhino Tank

 As the name suggests, these bolted steel tanks for sale at Aquadam will not falter under pressure, delivering the strength and durability to withstand almost anything nature can throw at them, including thunderstorms and high winds. The Rhino Tank is ideal for many applications, including aeration, filtration, fire water storage, and stormwater retention. Bolted steel tanks are also ideal for remote area placement, reducing the risk of structural damage when left unsupervised, and able to resist impacts without leaking or contaminating the contents.

These steel bolted tanks we offer for sale also feature electrostatic powder coating, along with an epoxy coating that meets industry requirements to add quality and strength to the steel used to manufacture the structure of these extremely durable tanks. As a result, the Rhino Tank offers strong resistance to chemical liquids that might cause erosion or destroy the steel on the inside of the walls of other tanks. These tanks also feature seismic resistance, allowing them to withstand substantial seismic activity without affecting its integrity and structure, giving you the peace of mind that the Rhino Tank will endure almost anything thrown its way, keeping the contents safe and the structure solid.

Aquadam offers viable solutions in our range of storage tanks, including bolted steel tanks for sale. We also offer solutions for residential applications, so feel free to peruse our website for more information and images on our available selection or contact us today with any enquiries.

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