Business Basics: 6 Simple Ways To Save Water

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With the implementation of water restrictions currently throughout South Africa, we’re left with no choice but to find alternatives to storing and to save water. Predicting tougher water restrictions for the Western Cape, this may soon carry over to the rest of the country.

In order to avoid being forced to drink contaminated water like many South Africans in Limpopo or face having your taps completely closed, according to Cape Town city officials, you may want to look at how your business can save water to ease the load.

6 Simple Ways To Save Water In Your Business

1. Reduce lawn/garden capacity

You are allowed to water the garden before 06:00 and after 18:00. Although it would still be best to implement a garden landscape make-over. This will reduce the amount of plants and lawn you need to water by replacing a big enough section of it with pebbles, interesting walkways, and feature rocks. Remember, every little bit helps, even by just cutting your garden in half.

2. Install affordable water storage tanks

Rainwater storage tanks can easily be installed in order to make use of rainy days. Although it may not be possible to use that water for consumption unless you have a filtration system installed, you can still make use of your newly found resource by utilising it for irrigation or restroom purposes.

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3. Find any possible leaks

It’s worth the effort to look for and investigate any possible leaks. Annually, a leaky faucet can produce enough water for more than 180 showers; meaning you’re wasting an enormous amount of water that could’ve used for something useful. As a business, it’s not only money-wise to save that kind of water, but also the responsible thing to do.

4. Install high-efficiency fixtures or appliances

Seeing as water is no longer considered an endless resource, it’s important to consider permanent changes in how you run your business on a daily basis. This may include installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures for urinals, spray valves and toilets, or acquiring high-efficiency appliances. Specifically designed to reduce water usage per flush, it’s worth looking into for long-term usage.

5. Implement a pressure reduction valve

It may be a good idea to install a pressure reduction valve to ensure your water pressure is below 65 psi; keeping the water efficiency high and savings even higher. When trying to figure out how to save water, even the smallest changes can mean the biggest difference.

6. Educate employees

Education is key when it comes to saving water. Remember, ignorance is bliss. With the current implementation of water restrictions, the only way to make sure your team works together to preserve as much water as possible is to educate them on how to do it. It could save you plenty of money on your utility bill and preserve the necessary water for things that matter most.

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