Chemical Storage Tanks: 7 Important Safety Tips

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When filled with flammable liquids, chemical storage tanks can become quite a hazard for those working with and around them. Apart from fatal explosions and detrimental leaks, chemical storage tanks; when not adhering to important safety tips, can be quite costly for the company owning it. However, you simply can’t do without them when your company is involved in the mining and resources industries.

Be sure when purchasing a chemical storage tank that you keep the following safety tips in mind; protecting your employees and valuable assets.

1.Be aware of overfilling the tank

Although chemical storage tanks are made with certain materials that won’t react to the contents, they still have a certain level of capacity. Thus, you should never attempt to overfill the tank; making use of an automatic shut-off system for protection.

2.Check the company’s track record

Before purchasing a chemical tank, always check the company’s quality levels and most importantly, they’re track record. Any company proud of their work will gladly hand over necessary information before investing in their products.

3.Ensure a safe distance between each tank

When purchasing more than one chemical tank, always ensure a safe distance between each tank in order to prevent combustion one after another; eliminating a possible chain reaction and detrimental effects.

4.Install temperature indicators on the tank

You can easily prevent an accident by ensuring your chemical tank has a properly installed temperature indicator. Through decomposition, heat can occur, which can then cause adverse effects and an avoidable accident.

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5.Regularly check the venting facilities

Although venting facilities are automatically installed on chemical tanks in order to handle over-pressure or vacuum occurrences, it’s still advisable to regularly check for any dirt or debris that may block the vents; ensuring they’re fully functional.

6.Ensure the drain valve has the necessary components

Ever so often, accidents do happen that can easily be prevented by simply ensuring extra safety measures; such as making sure the drain valve is equipped with blind flanges and valve locks to avoid a valve failure or an accidental opening of the valve.

7.Make use of a combustible gas detector

There are times when hot work is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it should be unsafe. Keep an eye on flammable gas and possible vapours by making use of a combustible gas detector before and during the operation.

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