Industrial Liquid Storage Tanks

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Industrial Tanks

South Africa has a variety of industries within its industrial sector, ranging from farming to biochemical plants. Although these industries are miles apart, they both need quality industrial equipment to comply with safety regulations and ensure that nobody is injured on the job. Regarding industrial equipment, these types of industries often need industrial liquid storage tanks to store various types of liquids that are used daily.

A good example takes us to the agricultural sector, where farmers use industrial liquid storage tanks to store compost, with chemical plants using these tanks to store flammable liquids and similar unstable substances that need to be contained within a controlled environment. With a wide variety of applications, having an industrial storage tank at your disposal can work to your benefit. Should you be looking for a company that can provide these tanks, Aquadam is where you will find a selection that will meet your preferences and be ideal for your specific applications. Today, we will focus on the versatile Smart Tank model, which is ideal for storing almost any type of liquid.

The Smart Tank

 The Smart Tank offers a modular design, granting easy transport and installation to almost anywhere you need the tank to be installed. With a modular design, you can specify the size of this industrial liquid storage tank, with a complete selection available in accordance with the number of rings and the height of the walls you specifically need. The Smart Tank features a special coating that seals the contents inside, not allowing any contamination or exposure to outside elements and making it a viable option for storing dangerous or volatile liquids that might catch fire or explode when not stored properly.

Within the chemical industry, people commonly use flammable and volatile liquids and materials that may catch fire when exposed to sunlight, or substances such as potassium that may catch fire when exposed to water. The Smart Tank allows for such substances to be safely stored without running the risk of any type of exposure through its corrugated shell, and in combination with its special coating, these industrial liquid storage tanks have amazing durability, allowing them to withstand both coastal and inland conditions with ease. These tanks are also lined with a certified potable liner to ensure that the contents remain free of any type contamination, giving you the peace of mind that the contents will be stable and clear of any kind of exposure when stored in the Smart Tank.

With the strength and design to withstand the worst of Mother Nature’s wrath, you can be assured that these industrial liquid storage tanks will prevail through the toughest of rain storms without allowing any exposure to the stored liquids, maintaining the integrity of the tank while faced with high winds and safely sealing the contents inside to eliminate the risk of leakage or shell damage that might occur during severe storms.

Aquadam can provide solutions for industrial liquid storage tanks, as well as tanks for residential applications such as rainwater storage. For more information, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly with your enquiries.

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