Quick-Stor: Putting Practical Back Into Portable Storage Tanks

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Who doesn’t prefer a product that offers maximum benefits with very little hassle? As a rule of thumb, we all want solutions to problems without having to invest too much time and money into figuring it out. Being modern-day humans, we want the easiest, most cost-effective method for fulfilling a need, which is where practicality becomes important.

In this particular case, making provisions for the current drought and storing much-needed resources results in finding a method that stays within budget and offers practical benefits; which is where a Quick-Stor portable storage tank becomes a real option.


1.Used for various forms of liquid

Being highly practical, the Quick-Stor can be used for various forms of liquid, including:

  • Swimming pool water
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Fertiliser
  • Rainwater
  • Non-portable water
  • Frac water
  • Irrigation water
  • Mining water

2.More cost-effective

When purchased in bulk for mining purposes, Quick-Stor portable tanks are more cost-effective than steel tanks; offering a practical benefit of being able to transport the tank to various locations. It’s also one of the best methods for storing water swimming pool water as well as rainwater in order to save on your monthly utility bill.

3.Easier to transport

Since the Quick-Stor portable storage tank is collapsible and flexible, you can easily transport it to the exact location where you’d want to use it. Alternatively, this particular storage tank can also be transported while being filled with liquids; supplying much-needed water to relief areas, construction sites, etc. The storage tanks can also be transported via boats, pickups, yachts, and trucks.

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4.Highly durable

The Quick-Store portable storage tank is mainly used for exterior application; needing to be highly durable to provide temporary and long-term storage solutions. By purchasing this particular portable storage tank, you can rest assured that you’ll reach your destination with a fully intact tank; whether empty or used to its full capacity.

5.Easy DIY installation

This is a particularly important factor for individuals who don’t have the time or resources to have an installation team install the tank for them. Not only does it cut costs dramatically, the Quick-Stor is easily found at the nearest agricultural cooperative or trusted distributor in order to make installation quick and hassle-free.

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6.Custom manufactured

Depending on the size of the area where you’d like to place the Quick-Stor, we easily manufacture the storage tank to your unique specifics; depending on the location size, your specific requirements, and the particular storage area. We understand that each individual may have different needs, which is why we manufacture the Quick-Stor depending on what you’re after.

For quality, compliance, durability, great value, and large quantities of stock, visit www.aquadam.co.za

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