Rainwater-Harvesting Tanks

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Rainwater-Harvesting Tanks

Rainwater harvesting was a common practice in the past. These were the days before municipal water supply. Rainwater harvesting is a process where rainwater is captured in a container and used for the same applications for which we use groundwater today. Therefore, rainwater is as precious and valuable as groundwater to a household. These sources of water can easily be used to power irrigation systems and for other outdoor uses without the need to purify.

Today, rainwater-harvesting tanks are used across the world. These tanks collect rainwater that is purified before being used to fill reservoirs, fire hydrants, and so on. Aquadam specialises in container tanks. One of our models is the Home Tank, its sole purpose being rainwater harvesting and storage at homes. The Home Tank delivers a solution for households in terms of an alternative water source at home that will save you money on your utility bill. It will also provide water when the municipal supply fails. The benefits are endless, and so are the applications in and around your house. Today, we will focus on the Home Tank and how it serves as a rainwater-harvesting tank at your home.

The Home Tank for Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater-harvesting tanks need to be able to collect rainwater when it is raining. An open tank can pose a problem, because it is susceptible to contamination from outside sources. The biggest problem is actually the sun. The Home Tank features 100% UV protection from the sun’s rays, reducing the risk of algae and fungal growth in your rainwater-harvesting tank. The tank’s shell is made from a uniquely profiled 0,8-mm Zincalume steel. This steel ensures the tank’s structural integrity and mechanical strength.

The Home Tank features a polymer coating on the inner wall of the tank. This coating eliminates the corrosion that can occur over time from the water inside the tank. Water causes most types of steel to corrode and rust and the polymer coating between the steel and the water prevents this. Therefore, the Home Tank can last up to 20 years. This is a fantastic rainwater-harvesting solution for home use. The tank is also aesthetically pleasing and fits in with modern architecture. It is also easy to install and maintain.

South Africa’s climate has periods of heavy rainfall. We also have prolonged periods of drought. If you have a rainwater-harvesting tank at home, you can gather enough backup supply for the dry season. Taking advantage of the rainy season will work to your benefit if you have a rainwater-harvesting tank. As mentioned before, rainwater can easily be used for a plethora of home applications. It can also be purified to make it potable. In the end, collecting and harvesting rainwater makes a lot of sense for any household.

Aquadam specialises in an assortment of unique tanks for various applications. The Home Tank is an ideal example of rainwater harvesting at home. We also offer other solutions in terms of container tanks. Feel free to browse our website for images and detailed specifications on these tanks. Choose Aquadam today and take full advantage of rainwater harvesting at home. Save money in the process and have a practical alternative water source at your disposal.

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