Versatile Bolted Steel Tanks for All Conditions and Most Contents

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Versatile Bolted Steel Tanks for All Conditions and Most Contents

The demand for liquid storage facilities is both huge and growing and the range of industries from which that demand is coming is as diverse as the variety of liquids they are required to store. Due to this diversity, however, there can be no genuine one-size-fits-all liquid storage solution. That said, given the exceptional versatility of our aptly-named Rhino tanks, with their tough bolted-steel construction, there is currently at least one product on the market with performance characteristics that enable it to withstand extreme conditions and handle a wider range of contents than competing products.

Compared with welded or concrete vessels, the use of bolts offers a number of distinct advantages, among the main ones being that they are quick to assemble. Concrete must, of course, be poured in place and given sufficient time to cure while any welding required must also be performed and inspected on site, adding considerably to the overall installation time. By contrast, the bolted steel Rhino tanks are manufactured offsite and can then be delivered to the required location in quick-to-assemble sections that enable them to be erected and ready for use in a fraction of the time.

Designed for use in all climatic conditions, from the downpours in a tropical rainforest to the blistering heat and abrasive sands of the desert, a tough epoxy coating applied electrostatically and thermally bonded results in an exceptional degree of resilience comparable to chemical and industrial piping and far more effective than traditional coatings. To ensure maximum protection, the electrostatic process enables the epoxy coating to extend both to the edges of the steel sheets and all of the internal bolt holes. Because the coating is highly resistant to flaking, cracking, and chipping, it remains undamaged even when fitting and tightening the bolts.

That same resilience means that these bolted steel tanks are also resistant to the corrosive effects of an exceptionally wide range of chemicals. In practice, they have been designed to handle any liquid with a pH of between two and 11 and even to resist their effects at temperatures of up to 60 °C.

At the other end of the scale, their epoxy coating also makes them the perfect option for the bulk storage of potable water in locations that are beyond the reach of a municipal supply. Incidentally, municipal water-treatment plants can also make use of these tough and versatile bolted steel tanks for a variety of their internal processes, such as anaerobic digestion, filtration, and sedimentation. Offered in either a blue or green finish as standard, the product is also available in a choice of red, brown, or desert sand upon request at no extra cost. So, as well as a being resistant to the elements and even able to withstand seismic activity, an installation can be made highly visible or relatively inconspicuous, according to its owners’ requirements.

Supplied in South Africa by Aquadam to complement its Rhino bolted steel tanks, we also offer a full range of accessories. These include access ladders, staircases, walkways, platforms for rest or work purposes, as well as roofing. These high-quality products are backed by years of expertise and experience and a company who believes that “Good enough never is”!

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