Home tank

  • Save money on water bills by using your own water source
  • 100% UV protection against the sun to protect drinking water against algae build-up or dirt
  • Maximum capacities for the space you have available at home for maximum water accumulation
  • Unique profiled 0.8mm zincalume steel with firmness of shape and mechanical strength
  • Corrosion is greatly reduced by the polymer coating between the tank wall and the water stored
  • Aesthetically pleasing and modern look for architectural designs
  • Install as a complete rainwater harvesting system to improve water quality with almost no maintenance
  • Cost-effective, quick and easy installation as a DIY project at home
  • Lifespan of 20 years or longer

Why choose a steel rainwater tank?

The modern steel rainwater harvesting tank has some unique outstanding features with some major benefits over tanks built with alternative materials:

  • The strength of steel tanks ensure that they will not deteriorate over time under the harsh South
    African sun, as it may with other materials. Additional corrosion protection from a long life polymer coating
    on the inside of the tank walls and base prevents the growth of algae and bacteria.
  • It can easily hold the large forces generated by tonnes of water without stretching or bulging.
  • Many customers agree that a steel tank option is much more aesthetically pleasing than the polyethylene
    tank options, and this is why it is the choice of tank for many architects when designing a water harvesting system.
  • The difference between steel and poly/plastic rainwater tanks are that a steel rainwater tank is 100%
    UV-proof, ensuring that steel rainwater tanks will not degrade in sunlight. Plactic or polyethylene rainwater
    tanks are affected by ultra violet light and can break down over time, losing both strength and their colour.
Slimline tanks Round tanks 
2000 L1800L x 870W x 1540H1000 L1030 Dia x 1540H
3000 L2500L x 870W x 1540H2000 L1220 Dia x 1860H
4000 L2800L x 870W x 1860H3000 L1530 Dia x 1860H
5000 L2800L x 1160W x 1860H4000 L1770 Dia x 1860H
5000 L2900L x 950W x 2020H5000 L1930 Dia x 1860H
5000 L3000L x 870W x 2150H8000 L2390 Dia x 1860H
6000 L3100L x 1160W x 1860H10.000 L2690 Dia x 1860H
7000 L3100L x 1160W x 2150H15.000 L3100 Dia x 2020H

Note: Allowance must be made for freeboard and pipe positioning to establish usable tank volume.
The table provides tank for commercial and industrial use.
Ringbeam required under special conditions.
* Available subject to site conditions. Contact Aquadam for more information.