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  • Key Features
    • Manufactured to international standards
    • Designed and approved according to engineer's specifications
    • Versatile, high quality and affordable panel-type reservoir
    • 4 times stronger than galvanised steel and rust-free
    • Excellent fireproofing qualities
    • Modular bolt-together system for easy installation
    • Lightweight zinc or zinc/aluminium domed roof
    • Life expectancy of over 50 years
    • Minimal if any maintenance required
    • Suits a wide range of applications e.g. fire fighting, agriculture, rural & domestic water storage, industrial & mining liquid storage and many more
  • Applications
    • Agricultural sector: ideal for irrigation, stock and poultry use, grain storage
    • Industrial and Mining sectors
    • Rural water storage for township developments
    • Domestic water storage for storing potable water in golfing estates
    • Waste water treatment plants
    • Certain chemical storage applications depending on the liner type and the chemical being store
    • Exceptional fireproofing qualities for use as fire-fighting tanks
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Factory and Manufacturing

All installation materials are locally sourced and converted in our factory into a product that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet offers unsurpassed quality and performance for the end user. Aquadam holds stock of the Future Tank and the Smart Tank up to 12 metres in diameter enabling us to deliver even faster, streamline the process and improve on your expectations.

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The Future Tank

Aquadam’s range of Zincalume Coated Tanks – also known as Future Tanks – is an extremely advanced, locally manufactured water storage system. These metal-finished tanks represent one of the safest, healthiest, most cost-effective and attractive metal-finished water solutions on the market.

Exceptional Quality

Backed by a 10 year guarantee, our Zincalume Coated Tanks are designed and manufactured to South African engineering, SABS and American Waterworks Association (AAWA) D103 standards – and on request tank designs can be underwritten by certified engineering drawings.

Aquadam’s Zincalume Coated Tanks are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. In the Agricultural sector they are ideal for irrigation, stock and poultry use. They are widely used in the Industrial and Mining sectors, for rural and domestic water storage, grain storage, in waste water treatment plants and township developments and for storing potable water in golfing estates. They can be used for certain chemical storage applications depending on the liner type and the chemical being stored. What’s more, their exceptional fireproofing qualities make Aquadam’s Zinc/Aluminium Coated Tanks an ideal fire-fighting tank solution.

Easy Installation

This high quality panel-type reservoir is a modular steel tank storage solution that bolts together for easy installation. A certified potable liner with woven base fabric polyester yarn ensures safe water storage for drinking.

With capacity ranging from 16m3 to 2 612m3, these steel coated panel tanks are available in a multitude of design specifications depending on the client’s requirements, ranging from 3.0mø x 2.34m high to 20.28mø x 8.18m high and are flat-packed for easy export to anywhere in the world.

Durable and Cost-Effective

The mild steel substrate used for the tank shell, is continuously hot dipped in a formulation of Aluminum (55%) Zinc (43.5%) and Silicon (1.5%). The aluminum components of the coating provide a tough physical barrier between the extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core of the steel. The zinc in the coating protects the steel where exposed.

All Aquadam’s Zincalume Coated Tanks come with a lightweight zinc or zincalume lightweight roof designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 55m/second. Roofs are fitted with an access hatch and internal and external ladders for convenient access to the tank interior and can be equipped with a felt seal to avoid insect and dust contamination and a ventilator to prevent interior condensation.

All commercial and industrial water storage tanks require construction of a concrete ring beam footing. It is imperative for the client to ensure that foundations and civil works for the site are adequate. Ring beam design is dependent on tank size and location. Appropriate design specification drawings are available form Aquadam at the time of order.

Our Zincalume Coated Tanks are very competitively priced and due to their modular nature can be installed extremely quickly by a certified installer, even in difficult or remote sites and the rest of Africa.

Design Specifications:
SANS 282:2004, Edition 5.1 – Bending dimensions and scheduling of steel reinforcement for concrete

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