The Gunite Dam

concrete reinforced dam with roof


  • Agricultural tanks
  • Clear water tanks
  • Domestic water tanks
  • Forestry dams
  • Grey water dams
  • Irrigation dams
  • Manure storage dams
  • Potable water tanks
  • Recycling Grey water tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Slurry tanks
  • Stock & Poultry tanks
  • Storm water retention tanks
  • Water storage tanks

Key Features

  • Steel reinforced seamless concrete dam
  • High strength due to low water ratios
  • Low absorption due to high compaction
  • Resistant to weathering and chemical attacks
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost effective due to reduced formwork and short construction time
  • Good waterproofing qualities due to high cement contents and compaction
  • Long life expectancy
Gunite Dam Logo

With over 20 years experience and well in excess of 4 000 reservoirs delivered to date, Aquadam is indisputably the South African market leader in the manufacturing of top quality Seamless Concrete Reservoirs.

Installation of a Farm Reservoir
A manual for farmers, smallholders and others faced with the problem of providing for water-storage for irrigation, watering stock and household use.

Factory and Manufacturing
All installation materials are locally sourced and converted in our factory into a product that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet offers unsurpassed quality and performance for the end user. Aquadam holds stock of the Future Tank and the Smart Tank up to 12 metres in diameter enabling us to deliver even faster, streamline the process and improve on your expectations.

Used in Many Industries

Aquadam’s concrete dams are widely used in a broad range of industry sectors including agriculture, aquaculture, mining, forestry and industrial chemicals.

In the agricultural sector, Aquadam’s gunite dams are used for irrigation, the storage of drinking water (livestock and human) and even as slurry tanks. Capacity ranges from as little as 19m3 all the way up to 1 550m3, allowing for exceptional versatility.

Because concrete is effectively fireproof and maintenance-free, Aquadam’s concrete reservoirs are widely used by Sappi and Mondi in the forestry industry for firefighting water storage.

When equipped with an optional concrete or steel roof, Aquadam’s concrete reservoirs are ideal for filtration systems, including the storage of both raw and filtrated water.

Aquadam’s concrete reservoirs are widely used in the mining and industrial industries for recycling grey water and for storing water and other liquids.

The ease, speed and cost-effectiveness of constructing Aquadam concrete reservoirs make them the ideal solution for potable water storage for colleges, schools, government departments and in rural and outlying areas.

Exceptional Durability

Aquadam’s Seamless Concrete Reservoirs are designed with South Africa’s extreme temperatures in mind, and are capable of withstanding temperature fluctuations ranging from -15°C in winter to 45°C in summer.

Installation is simple, using an easily maneuverable hose to deposit liquid gunite onto steel reinforcing to create a seamless, reinforced 35MPa concrete layer of between 100mm and 150mm in thickness.

L-bars, splice-bars and high-tensile hoop bars are used to counter excessive movement and to strengthen the structure even further, which is why Aquadam’s range of Seamless Concrete Reservoirs has a life expectancy of over 50 years.

Aquadam’s Seamless Concrete Reservoirs can be left open or they can be covered with shade cloth, PVC, steel sheeting or concrete.

Aquadam’s Seamless Concrete Reservoirs are designed to meet the stringent British Standard which allows for a 0.2mm crack width.