When it comes to tanks for an agricultural application, the list of possible uses is a long one. These tanks can be used for storage or creating an air-tight environment for more specific applications, making many different uses of the tanks possible within an agricultural context. One of the many applications for an agricultural tank is aquaculture; creating an ideal environment for the submerged agricultural growth of fungi and alga, or fish-farming applications in general.

These tanks can also be used for the storage of water and other liquids, which can be useful for irrigation purposes and keeping livestock’s drinking water free from contamination. Should you be looking for viable options regarding agricultural applications for tanks, Aquadam offers a range of tank designs to choose from, ensuring that your storage tank can be used for several applications in the agricultural work environment. Today, we will focus one of these options, highlighting the benefits it can hold for you on the farm and covering the array of purposes it can serve.

The Agri Tank

We start with the key features of the Agri tank. The tank is suitable for general agricultural applications and is manufactured to the standards of the American Water Works Association, using engineering specifications for the design and approval processes to ensure that the tank will withstand the test of time and be suitable for a wide range of farming applications. The Agri tank features a panel-type construction, using Zincalume-coated steel panels to make them last up to seven times longer than normal galvanised-steel panels. This does not only lead to low tank maintenance, but also excellent fireproofing and resistance to contamination from the outside. It is of modular design, where the panels are bolted together with a liner inside to make it perfectly safe for the storage of liquids.

Another benefit of the modular design is that you can specify a custom tank size, allowing you to decide on the size of your Agri tank to not only suit your intended application, but also the environment in which the tank will be constructed. The design also allows for later increasing the size of your existing Agri tank if you decide that you need a bigger one; its capacity can be increased by adding panel rings to the tank. The life expectancy of the Agri tank is more than 50 years, with a 20-year leak-free warranty to ensure that your tank performs at optimal levels, no matter the agricultural application. As a result, Agri tanks are ideal for many applications in agriculture, giving you a viable option for various uses within a farming environment and ensuring that you have a storage tank that meets the requirement of safely storing liquids and keeping them free from contamination.

Aquadam has a wide variety of storage-tank solutions to choose from for many different work environments and other applications. For more information, feel free to have a look on the rest of our website for detailed specifications and lots of photos, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Aquadam today and take advantage of our quality storage tanks for agriculture and other uses.