Industrial and Agricultural solutions

Pretoria, South Africa, 8 October 2019 –
Steel tanks are becoming a necessity within the 21st century. They offer a sense of security in knowing that you are able to sufficiently store your water, crop or perhaps cattle feed. But the headache is finding a reliable supplier, able to meet your needs.

Here at Aquadam Steel Tanks International, we offer our clients peace of mind. Knowing that they will receive exactly what they require. Our team is there to assist in offering expert advice and guidance in choosing the perfect agricultural tank for their specific application.

Our tanks are built to last. Manufactured to the standards of the American Water Works Association, we use engineering specifications for the design and approval process to ensure that the tank will withstand the test of time. Each tank design is specifically created to accommodate a wide range of agricultural applications.

Our agricultural tank features a panel-type construction, using Zincalume-coated steel panel. This ensures a more durable steel tank compared to galvanized-steel.  This offers you with a tank solution that is high in resistance to contamination and perfectly fireproofed.

To top it off, you are able to customize your agricultural tank to your liking. Choose the tank size, design and roof cover.  This allows you to receive a tank that is not only suited for your intended application, but also the environment in which the tank will be constructed.

Your custom design also allows for later increasing the size, for if you decide that you need a larger tank. It’s easy to increase the capacity by adding panel rings to the tank.

To top it all off you receive a tank with a life expectancy of 50 years, with an added bonus of a 20-year pro-rata warranty. All of this to ensure that your tank performs at optimal levels, no matter the agricultural applications.

As one of the leading suppliers of steel tanks in Africa, with more than 6000 successful tanks installed, you can rest assured. You will receive a stronger tank with a better design that’s a smarter choice.