Airplane Hangar costs, sizes and more. Today we will be discussing some of the most important factors of the aviation industry. We are confident that you will find all the answers you are looking for regarding your hangar project.

What is an Airplane Hangar?

An Airplane Hangar is an enclosed building structure to hold airplanes, helicopters, microlights, and spacecraft. The word hangar comes from Middle French hanghart (“enclosure near a house”), of Germanic origin, from Frankish *haimgard (“home-enclosure”, “fence around a group of houses”), from *haim (“home, village, hamlet”) and gard (“yard”).

What are they used for?

If you are new in the aviation industry, you might wonder why you need a specialized building/storage space for your aircraft.

It is quite simple. There are a few very important reasons to store your aircraft (whether it is an airplane, helicopter or microlight) in a hangar:

  • Protection and Storage

The hanger protects your aircraft from weather, direct sunlight. Both of these can cause degradation in your aircraft’s outer shell. Additionally, you need to store the aircraft in a safe place. Therefore, you know that whatever the weather is, your aircraft will be safe from any weathering and damage.

  • Technical/Mechanical purposes

An aircraft can be extremely dangerous if they are not properly maintained and checked. Therefore, a hangar is used as a space where regular maintenance, repairs, and assembly is performed to ensure that the aircraft is at optimal functioning conditions.

How big is an Airplane Hangar?

Hangar Sizes depends on the type and size of your aircraft. Therefore, it is always important to discuss the size of your aircraft with the company or person building or setting up your aircraft hangar.

Ensure that you give them the minimum required space for your aircraft to comfortably enter the hangar and have enough space to maneuver the aircraft out whenever necessary.

Aircraft Hanger Sizes are usually divided into the following categories:

  • Small: Less than a 30m span
  • Medium: 30-60m span
  • Large: 60-90m span
  • Extra Large: 90-120m span
  • Extra Extra Large: More than a 120m

However, smaller aircraft will easily fit into a small aircraft hangar.

The AgriDome for Aviation Industry

Conventional aircraft hangars are built with steel, wood and/or concrete. However, Aquadam is creating revolutionary alternatives that are quick, cost-effective and long-lasting.

Our AgriDome is a SABS approved dome built from the highest quality hot-dipped galvanized structural steel (Q235) with a heavy-duty PVC 700gsm fabric membrane cover.

This Dome can be used as a simple airplane hangar solution for a small aircraft.

Why choose the AgriDome for as an Airplane Hangar?

AgriDome brings many benefits to the table. We strive to set the industry standard for the manufacturing of innovative storage solutions. Why trust the AgriDome with your assents? can ivermectin be used for head lice

The Frame

Strongest Frame Structure

Hot-dipped galvanized steel (Q235) is the only steel you want to use when building long-lasting structures. Therefore, we only use the best in our AgriDome construction. This material offers

  • Hassle-free protection from corrosion
  • Allow for serviceability
  • Longevity

Furthermore, the strongest mounting method is applied by incorporating additional portals and purlins. Each portal is mounted to a pre-welded spigot and galvanized base plate. This provides a superior tensioning method, which in turn allows for the equal and constant distribution of stress loadings over the area of the membrane cover.

The Fabric Membrane Cover

The Fabric Membrane cover is made out of 700gsm PVC. Therefore, you get one of the strongest fabrics available.

Some of the unique properties of this fabric membrane cover include:

  • RipStop

No stress regarding rips.

Ripstop fabrics are woven fabrics using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. During weaving, (thick) reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern.

Therefore, ripping and tears in your membrane cover is a problem of the past.

  • UV Stabilized

UV stands for Ultraviolet Light. The most common sources of UV light comes from the sun, fluorescent lights and curing lamps.

Most plastics will absorb UV light rays. As a result of this, the plastic will slowly start to degrade, lose its color and strength. Therefore, we ensured that we included a UV stabilizer into the manufacturing process to ensure that this will not happen with your PVC Fabric membrane cover.

  • Highly Wind Resistant

Another thing that makes the AgriDome unique is the fact that it is built to SABS specifications to resist cyclonic weather. Therefore, high wind speeds (up to 27kms p/h) will not phase the AgriDome.

Therefore, it is perfect for the aviation industry.

Other Features/Benefits of the AgriDome

Additional features to keep in mind when looking at our AgriDomes:

  • Cost-Effective

An AgriDome will (most probably) be your most affordable option. Our engineered designed dome costs less than lower-rated and non-rated conventional shelters/domes.

  • Permanent or Temporary Structure

Structures are easily moved, disassembled or sold if you no longer need it. Therefore, the AgriDome is perfect for people with small aircrafts visiting markets, fairs and festivals.

  • Very fast to build

Another perk is that you do not have to wait for builders to finish building your aviation hangar. Therefore, you can order, pay and get your hangar up in within a month.

  • 10-year Warranty

The Dome automatically comes with a 10-year warranty. No need to stress about repairs and maintenance for 10 years! You can rest assured that you are getting a structure that complies with SABS standards.

  • Size Options

Our Dame spans ranges between 6m – 30m. Additionally, their depth ranges between 6m en 12m. Therefore, they are ideal for small aircraft hangars.

You can place multiple AgriDomes next to each other to get your desired length. is ivermectin in canada Therefore, you can ensure that you will have enough space for everything you need.

Want to find out more about our AgriDomes? Head over to our AgriDome product page. feel free to contact one of our sales agents via our contact form. Additionally, you can contact us on Facebook regarding any other inquiries.