Aquadam® has been listed as an approved supplier by the AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER INSPECTION BUREAU, also known as ASIB!

As an inspection body for automatic sprinkler systems, A.S.I.B is a body that ensures that all equipment has been designed and installed in accordance with the minimum accepted requirements of internationally recognised standards and criteria and are maintained and inspected according to this.

Aquadam design and install tanks according to the highest international standards. Even though we believe that our design and manufacturing standards supersede local standards, we realised that it will be beneficial to also belong to a local body that drives local standards, giving credibility to the industry and ensuring peace of mind for clients.

With this in mind, we fully support the fact that there must be an oversight body such as A.S.I.B. to ensure that suppliers in the fire industry, including ourselves, adhere to set safety and quality standards, thus ensuring that clients in the fire industry receive a good quality product which conforms to standards at a competitive price.

Aquadam were listed as an approved supplier by A.S.I.B. in June 2021 which, together with our long history of quality tank installations, gives our clients the added assurance of our commitment to quality.

Aquadam FireTank

The Fire Protection Water Tanks from Aquadam are manufactured with a steel plated sheet with the highest corrosion resistance available, called PosMAC. This means that when you invest in a fire protection system you can be sure that your tank is designed according to the latest recognized code of practice so that it will last in any fire situation.

Our FireTanks are perfect for fire protection in the industrial, commercial and agricultural industry. Installation of your FireTank is carried out by one of our trusted fire tank dealers/installers in South Africa and abroad. Protect your assets with a PosMAC.

Aquadam is the exclusive supplier of PosMAC steel shell water storage solutions in South Africa.

PosMAC is a Magnesium, Zinc and Aluminium alloy coating that acts differently to iron when exposed to the elements. The Al, Mg and Zn elements create a protective barrier coating to the tank shell on the inside and outside. This process allows the steel to be used safely for protracted periods and includes:

  • 3 x higher corrosion resistant properties
  • Excellent anti-corrosive resistant flat surfaces and cut edges
  • High corrosive resistance against neutral salt & acid rain

Unlike other tanks used in the fire protection industry, the Aquadam FireTank does not have a PVC liner (or bladder), and as such, minimises the risk of any possible fouling of the liner in the tank. The long-term cost factor is less than for existing fire tanks as it reduces maintenance and replacement costs due to corrosion as time progresses. A longer replacement period can help achieve a greater economic benefit. PosMAC will extend the life of any FireTank up to 50 years.

Of course, Aquadam can also supply you with a Zincalume tank with a PVC Liner/bladder that can be used in a fire protection system. Speak to one of our knowledgeable sales consultants who can guide you to select the best tank for your specific application requirements. Contact us by visiting our website or phone us on 086 100 10 10. You can also send an e-mail request to sales@aquadam.co.za.

We look forward to hearing from you, our valuable client!