When approaching the process of anaerobic digestion, it is wise to first educate oneself on the term to understand it well. As the name suggests, anaerobic digestion is a process that does not require any oxygen to be present for it to take place, with anaerobic organisms as anaerobes that they do not need oxygen to survive and grow, with possible negative reactions to oxygen and even possible death of the organism upon exposure to it.

Thus, the process of anaerobic digestion refers to a process where microorganisms break down biodegradable material within a controlled environment that is free of oxygen. العب كازينو This process is used for industrial or domestic purposes to properly manage waste or produce various fuels, making it an important and useful process that is used more often that we know. As a result, some of the most viable structures to house this process are tanks, with anaerobic digester tanks creating an oxygen-free environment in which the process can take place and deliver the necessary results. بوسكت Today, we will have a closer look at the Dura Tank from Aquadam, which serves as an ideal model for anaerobic implementation. قوانين لعبة الروليت

The Dura Tank as an Anaerobic Digester Tank

Creating an oxygen-free environment on a world depending on oxygen for life can be a challenging prospect but is far from impossible. As a result, the Dura Tank is cast from concrete to ensure that no air can penetrate the structure, preserving the oxygen-free environment within the tank. The thickness of the structural concrete wall is between 130 and 160 mm, with 9-mm prestress cables that are vertically incorporated into the concrete elements to increase overall structural integrity.

A 6-mm welded mesh is added for reinforcing the structure, with 15-mm horizontal post-tension cables to match the tension requirements for the specific depth and diameter of every individual tank. A special grout is used to air-seal the joints between the concrete elements making up the structure of the Dura Tank, increasing corrosion resistance and ensuring that air cannot penetrate the structure, with the inside of these joints being sealed with polyurethane to further increase resistance and sealing. As a result, the Dura Tank offers a viable solution regarding anaerobic digester tanks, with very strong structural integrity, corrosion resistance, and air-sealed concrete wall elements to take full advantage of.

Aquadam offers various solutions regarding industrial and domestic storage tanks, with our Dura Tank serving as an ideal example that can be used in various environments for a plethora of functions, including serving as a viable anaerobic digester tank. For more information, feel free to peruse our website of contact us directly today.