Water storage tanks are used for fire protection in commercial and industrial locations – where a fire can occur at a large scale at any time. In case of a fire, easily accessible water proves to be extremely useful. Utilizing a fire protection water tank offers many benefits to both industrial and individual users:

Easy integration

The tank integrates seamlessly with the current fire protection system – this helps to reduce total cost and increase reliability.

Fire regulation compliance

Assists companies and individuals to comply with fire safety regulations. Various fire codes must be taken into consideration by companies operating in rural and urban areas.

Emergency response

Provides immediate assistance in the face of a disaster, safeguarding property and lives. Water tanks serve as a fast response to fires which can minimize damage significantly.

Easily accessible

Access to water at all times – tanks are not affected by water shortages or damage to water pipelines. This ensures that your company or household is well equipped in case of emergency. 


Water tanks can be installed in accordance with the building size and fire safety requirements.

Fire mishaps can occur when least expected. It is therefore crucial to safeguard human lives and material assets from the damaging effect. Water tanks can supply easy access to water in a time-sensitive disaster such as a fire.