Corrugated Reservoirs (Also called Sink Dams, or Zink reservoirs ) are vital in Southern Africa. There’s a wide range of industries and uses for these reservoirs which we will discuss in this article.

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What is a Reservoir?

Technically speaking, a reservoir is an artificial lake where water is stored. Most reservoirs are formed by constructing dams across rivers. A reservoir can also be formed from a natural lake whose outlet has been dammed to control the water level. The dam controls the amount of water that flows out of the reservoir. – National Geographic

Generally speaking, a reservoir can refer to any structure/building that contains/stores water in large quantities. They can be built and placed underground or above ground level. Additionally, there are various types of reservoirs each with a unique purpose.

The word reservoir is derived from the French word “réservoir“, meaning “tank”. Therefore, any tank can be considered a reservoir.

Let’s look at some of these reservoirs and their uses.

Corrugated Reservoirs

Types of Reservoirs

There are three main types of reservoirs. Namely, Bank Side Reservoirs, Service Reservoirs, and Valley-dammed reservoirs.

Valley-Dammed Reservoirs

This type of water reservoir is built in valleys as can be derived from the name. Therefore, the reservoir consists of the valley walls (which acts as walls for the reservoir itself) and then an additional man-made wall is built at the narrowest point to hold the water in the valley between the mountains.

Because this type of reservoir is so geographically specific (Needs to be in between valleys and mountains to work), it is less frequently used.

Bank Side Reservoirs

Bank-side reservoirs are reservoirs that are made by diverting water from local rivers or streams to an existing reservoir. Although this can be applied to many different geographical areas, unlike the valley-dammed reservoir, which requires a valley, diverting water from a river can create problems.


Big corrugated reservoirs/ sink dams are frequently used in this system as the size, costs, and durability are ideal for this purpose. Corrugated steel dams are easily manufactured, installed and can last at least 25 years, making it a reliable solution to harvest/collect/divert water flow form other rivers and streams.

Additionally, the corrugated reservoir can also be ordered and set up to harvest rainwater and take full advantage of nature’s natural resources for your community/business.

Service Reservoirs

Service Reservoirs/Tanks are completely man-made. These steel tanks or corrugated reservoirs can range in size and capacity. Want to know the capacity of your reservoir? You can work it out with a few simple calculations which we have summarized for you in a previous article: Tank Volume Calculator

Service tanks are usually built and placed underground, above ground or elevated, depending on the needs.

Corrugated reservoirs / Sink dams are a common occurrence when looking to install a proper reservoir on farming, industrial or commercial land. They are so common due to the fact that they:

  • Durable (Come with a 25-year warranty)
  • Customizable. This is important, as different terrains may require different shapes and/or sizes to make the reservoir system work.
  • Size Options. Because Corrugated Reservoirs are made with steel/sink they can be made as small or as big as you need them. They are not made with a single sheet but manufactured in various steel sheets which allows you complete control over the size of the tank.
  • Strength. When building a reservoir or service tank, you need to ensure that the tank will not falter under harsh weather conditions. Therefore, the steel tank will be one of your most reliable structures. It will not buckle or bend under pressure and is fire resistant.
  • Easy Installation. At Aquadam, you can order your steel tank and request installation with it. Therefore, the installation is taken care of, no matter where in South Africa you are based.
  • Affordable. Steel tanks are affordable and have a quick turnaround time from ordering. No need for months of construction and waiting!

It’s easy to see why corrugated reservoirs are so popular! They are the best option for small, medium and large scale reservoirs.

Corrugated reservoirs

Why do you need Corrugated Reservoirs?

What are water reservoirs used for? Why are they so important?

Some of the main reasons people install steel water tanks/reservoirs:

  • Balance the fluctuating demand from the distribution system.
  • Permitting the source to give a steady or differently phased output.

Sometimes the source of water’s pressure is too high or too low for the required needs of the water. Therefore, by installing a corrugated tank you can control the pressure at which the reservoir’s water flows out (output). This is especially useful in places where the water pressure directly from the source may be too high. Therefore, it has the possibility of damaging the pipes in the system.

  • Give a suitable pressure for the distribution system and reduce pressure fluctuations therein.
  • Provide supply during a failure or shutdown of the main source of water leading to the reservoir.

In the case of water outages, shortages, etc. steel tanks can be a lifesaver. This especially rings true to certain industries like farming communities. When the water supply is interrupted the farm’s livestock and irrigation for crops can suffer severe consequences.

Therefore, for farmers living in areas that are prone to droughts and lack of rain, a reservoir system that collects rainwater, etc. can be the ideal solution to the tougher months when there is a lack of water.

  • Provide a reserve of water to meet fire emergency demands.

When you are situated on an agricultural piece of land, far away from local municipalities, getting a fire truck out to your premises can take longer than expected. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a reservoir to draw water form in cases of emergencies to protect your property from fire damage.

Adapted from Water Supply (Fifth Edition) @ 2000

Corrugated Reservoirs

What should I know before purchasing my Corrugated Reservoir?

Before you go ahead and buy a reservoir, you need to ensure that you have the necessary details of your land and need to make an informed decision.

Some of the things you need to consider before making a purchase:

  • Security. A reservoir/ steel water tank is an investment in your business. Therefore, you need to ensure that it will be located in a space where it will be safe from theft and vandalism.
  • Capacity Required. The type of tank that you install will greatly depend on the capacity that you need. If you are installing a tank just for household you, you could get a Home Tank, however, if the goal is to have a emergency water supply for crops, livestock or fires, you will be looking at a greater capacity tank like the Fire Tank.
  • The topography of the site. The arrangement of the natural and artificial structures on your land can make the process easier or harder. Therefore, you need to inspect the area and determine the best site to place the tank for all your needs.

At Aquadam, we strive to give our customers the best service coupled with the best products on the market, Therefore, when you buy a corrugated reservoir from us, you can be sure that our engineers and sales team will work closely together to design and manufacture a reservoir tank that fits your needs, site, and budget.

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