Fabric Roofing Systems is becoming more popular around the world. This is due to the fact that they are easy to install, strong, durable and can offer the same as a conventional roof.

However, today we will look at the 5 benefits of our PVC (Vinyl) Fabric membrane covers.

What is PVC (Vinyl) Fabric Membrane Covers?

PVC roofing is made of Polyvinyl Chloride. These materials are of high quality and offer a wide range of benefits. It is a flexible material that is used for a variety of purposes like:

  • Shelter Covers
  • Dam Covers
  • Tent Covers
  • Building covers/roofing

Let’s look at 5 advantages of this specific type of fabric roofing system:

1. Fire-Resistant

The fire performance of membrane structures is unique as it does not contribute as fuel to the fire. The membrane will not ignite and spread the fire across but will contain the fire completely within the structure. It will melt where it comes in contact with the flame, creating an opening allowing the heat and smoke to escape and reduces the energy feedback to the fire, acting as a smoke and heat vent

Rest easy knowing that you have the highest quality fabric membrane covers on the market. It will contain the fire and give you time to douse the fire in case of emergencies!

2. RipStop

Ripstop are woven fabrics. They are made using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping by weaving in a thick reinforcement thread. This reinforcement thread is woven in, in intervals in a crosshatch pattern to ensure that the fabric will not rip.

This technique is unique in the fact that it creates a strong, durable material. It is favored above other fabric roofing systems due to the strength-to-weight ratio.  While the material is lightweight (compared to others), fabric roofing systems are still strong. Additionally, rips will not spread across the whole fabric membrane. Therefore, you have time to repair them before they wreak havoc on your entire PVC (Vinyl) Fabric Membrane.

3. UV Stabilised

UV stabilizers protect your fabric roofing systems from degradation due to UV exposure. By adding a UV stabilizer to the fabric membrane, your fabric roofing systems are protected from:

  • Chalking
  • Cracking
  • Changes in color

” Numerous synthetic and natural polymers can be subject to attack by UV radiation. Hence, products or materials that are made from polymer may disintegrate, crack or go through destruction when they are not UV stabilized. The degradation is related to ultraviolet light and is very evident in materials and equipment that are exposed to sunlight. Constant exposure to UV rays can be a severe problem since the damage is dependent on the amount of exposure.”

– Corrosionpedia

Additionally, our fabric membrane covers are white. Therefore, they reflect light rays coming from the sun which helps in keeping a controlled climate: cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This saves energy and costs of utility bills at the end of the month! 

4. Self-Cleaning

Your Fabric Membrane cover will never need paint because dust, dirt and other pollutants simply wash off with a bit of water. Furthermore, the frame of our AgriDome is made out of Galvanized structural steel (Q235) which means there are not rotting parts to your AgriDome or your Fabric membrane!

Even the rain pelting down on your fabric membrane will be enough to clean all the dust and dirt right off. An additional perk of our Fabric Membranes is the fact that they offer extraordinary acoustics in our AgriDome. It is virtually silent even in harsh weather conditions. You do not hear the rain and hail beating down onto your fabric roofing system.

5. 10 Year warranty

That’s right! You get a free 10-year warranty on your AgriDome fabric membrane cover.  At Aquadam, we hold ourselves at the highest standards. Therefore we engineer all our products to be effective, efficient and durable.

Our AgriDome can withstand cyclonic weather with wind speeds of up to 27kms p/h. Additionally, the structure can be dismantled, moved and re-erected to suit your business and property needs!

Fabric Roofing System Sizes

Our fabric roofing system comes included in our AgriDomes. These Domes can be utilized in a variety of industries like:

  • Farming/Agricultural Industry
  • Entertainment/Event Industry
  • Greenhouse (Residential/plots)
  • Aviation Industry

Benefits of our AgriDome:

  1. Maximum clear usable space.
  2. It maintains its shape.
  3. Fewer Pests (Farming Industry)
  4. No harmful chemicals used for treatment.
  5. Strongest Ripstop PVC (Vinyl) cover.
  6. The acoustics inside Dome is exceptional.
  7. Abundant interior sunlight.
  8. The controlled climate inside the dome structure.
  9. Many ventilation options.
  10. Dome and cover are self-cleaning.
  11. Low cost per square meter.
  12. Exceptionally fast to build.
  13. Permanent or temporary structure.
  14. Made according to SABS standards.

Can you buy the PVC (Vinyl) Fabric membrane on its own?

Yes.  Aquadam is striving to make high-quality materials available to the public. Therefore, purchasing a separate fabric membrane is easy.

Simply send us an email with your specifications (length and width) and one of our sales consultants will get back to you!

PVC (Vinyl) Roof Cover (Dams/Tanks)

Looking for something similar to protect your water tank? No problem. Aquadam released a select range of Roof covers to buy separately. Therefore, you can buy them online right now. View them in our online shop by clicking here.

More on our Roof covers:

Instead of 500-micron corrugated sheeting, we use a 700-micron thick polyvinyl chloride sheeting with a UV stabilizer,  flame retardant, and anti-algae growth inhibitor.

This means that a tank covered with a 700 micron PVC cover will last for more than 5 years in direct sunlight, wind, rain and will never burn on its own. The roof cover is very light and easy to install with only two people. We use the same engineered designed roof trusses for the frame, which will support the PVC material from collapsing or falling into the tank due to strong winds, rain, hail or tornados.

The PVC tank roof cover will prevent evaporation from the sun, or contaminating the water due to dust, leaves or debris from trees or wind. The cover will give you years and years of trouble-free service and is very easy and inexpensive to replace.