Pay it forward

Pretoria, South Africa, 4  December –
We started the initiative to feed the hungry children in less privileged areas and schools both in and around Pretoria. This initiative enables us to feed them on a daily basis.

Situated in Gauteng Pretoria, we have identified that many less privileged children does not have food at school. This may be due to a number of reasons. But whatever the reason, , these children still need to eat to enable them to concentrate and learn. As our youth is the future of our country. They should be able to focus on their lessons, instead of their hunger, so that they can  lead our country to a bigger and better future.

During 2017 we  identified a couple of schools that has a lot of poverty raised children. We established that these children only eat once a day, and sometimes only once a week. These statistics encouraged us to step in and assist with a feeding scheme. We immediately arranged meetings with health care professionals and dietitians to assist us in what exactly a child needs on daily basis to get the correct amount of protein and nutrition to help them concentrate and grow.

We believe that it is not our children’s responsibility to feed themselves  but rather focus on learning  and educate themselves.  We furthermore met up with a company who was willing to help us in developing the correct product for the dietary needs. This product is easily produced, packed and delivered to our children for a daily meal. It’s good enough to keep their hungry stomach full and their brains active and useful for an entire day.

Since the start of our feeding scheme initiative in 2017, we have grown tremendously. , We  are currently feeding 1500 children in 18 schools on a daily basis and still growing by identifying more schools and organization that needs assistance.

If you have a heart for our children and feel inspired to  join our initiative
“pay it forward” please contact Adelene Olivier [buyer@aquadam.co.za] at our offices. You can also get involved by donating to this cause.