Aqua Live Streaming Fire Tank Expo – Thursday 6 August 2020, at 15:00 CAT The Fire Protection Water Tanks from Aquadam are manufactured with a steel plated sheet with the highest corrosion resistance available, called PosMAC. This means that when you invest in a fire protection system you can be sure that your tank is designed according to the latest recognized code of practice so that it will last in any fire situation. Our Fire Tanks are perfect for fire protection in the industrial, commercial and agricultural industry. Installation of your Fire Tank is carried out by one of our trusted fire tank dealers/installers in South Africa and abroad. Protect your assets with a PosMAC. Aquadam is the exclusive supplier of PosMAC steel shell water storage solutions in South Africa. PosMAC is a Magnesium, Zinc and Aluminium alloy coating that acts differently to iron when exposed to the elements. The Al, Mg and Zn elements create a protective barrier coating to the tank shell on the inside and outside. This process allows the steel to be used safely for protracted periods and includes: 3 x higher corrosion resistant properties, Excellent anti-corrosive resistant flat surfaces and cut edges, High corrosive resistance against neutral salt & acid rain The cost factor is less than for existing fire tanks as it reduces maintenance and replacement costs due to corrosion as time progresses. A longer replacement period can help achieve a greater economic benefit. PosMAC will extend the life of any Fire Tank up to 50 years. Rudy Boshoff will host the Aqua Live Fire Tank Expo on Thursday 6 August 2020. You can also review the information on YouTube and FaceBook, at a time convenient to you. Water scarcity When we travel through residential areas and towns we always notice fire hydrants scattered at strategic points on the sidewalks for use by the Fire Department in case of fires. We feel safe in the knowledge that the engineers have planned for things as dreadful as a fire, and we hardly ever think about the consequences that a big fire can have on our municipal water supply. What could happen if a fire actually does break out and the fire brigade has to make use of the fire hydrant systems to fight and contain the fire? Any use of the water system to suppress a large fire can result in an immediate “Boil Water” advisory situation. Our water treatment facilities are limited to treating our normal water usage demands so if we start to rapidly draw water from the system to fight a fire it will result in a rapid depressurization of the affected water lines. Upstream pumps must then be brought into service to supply the system with water again. A big fire event that creates a big demand on the water system can overwhelm the ability to effectively treat the incoming water and the increased flow coupled with a loss of pressure will shock the water lines, which will initiate a scouring of any residual materials and sediments that are in the pipes. This will result in a “Boil Water” advisory from your local health authority. If a boil water advisory has been issued, it means that the water coming from your taps are no longer safe for human consumption, creating a water scarcity situation without warning. One should then use bottled water or boil tap water because your community’s water is, or could be, contaminated with germs that can make you sick. This is also why it is a requirement for big buildings such as factories and warehouses, shopping centres, schools and hospitals to have fire tanks as part of the design of their fire protection systems. Gain the necessary insight and knowledge to plan ahead for any fire eventualities by joining our Aqua Live Fire Tank Expo! We are looking forward to seeing you there.