The Gunite Dam

Agriculture forms a large part of South Africa’s economy, with a huge number of farms across the country that are responsible for some of the highest quality produce and wines being exported worldwide. With such an active agricultural industry, various demands must be met for the farms to remain sustainable, and farmers have to periodically upgrade and replace old equipment such as liquid storage tanks. darmowe gry kasyno maszyny This is where Aquadam has the ideal tank for farming and related agricultural applications – the Gunite Dam. zakłady bukmacherskie fame mma This dam features a seamless concrete shell reinforced with steel to improve its structural integrity and make it perfect for the farmyard.

Concrete can prove to be a tricky material for construction, with water absorption and temperature fluctuations that can lead to cracks and posing a threat to the structural integrity of a concrete construction. Therefore, the Gunite Dam features a concrete mixture with a very low water-to-cement ratio, granting the structure low absorption levels thanks to high concrete compaction and therefore reducing the likelihood of cracks. darmowe gry kasyno 24.pl This also makes the Gunite Dam impervious to fluctuating weather conditions, and it can even resist certain chemicals from penetrating the shell and contaminating the stored liquids. Today, we will have a closer look at the various uses of the Gunite Dam that make it an ideal tank for agricultural use.

Gunite Dam Applications

With high compaction and steel-reinforced concrete making up the shell of the Gunite Dam, structural integrity and resistance to the elements are at the top of the list of benefits of this liquid storage tank. As a result, this tank is ideal for the storage of potable water, as it offers an effective barrier to any form of outside contamination. The Gunite Dam can also be used for manure storage, giving the farmer a viable method of storing and accessing liquid manure, virtually eliminating the risk of contamination.

It also makes for a perfect compost filter tank, giving you some versatility to take full advantage of. When it comes to livestock, the Gunite Dam offers the ideal means to store clean drinking water for livestock, giving you the peace of mind that the water is safe and properly stored.

For more information on the Gunite Dam and its possible applications in the agricultural industry, feel free to peruse our website for more details and images, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Aquadam today and let us give you viable solutions for liquid storage for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.