There’s no doubt that farming can be a risky business; tractors and farm machinery won’t run without diesel, livestock won’t survive without food, and crops won’t survive without a secure water source. With various factors to consider in terms of the costs in South Africa of farm structure construction, farmers need to be smart about their chosen water storage solutions, and that’s where steel water tanks come into the equation.

In this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of steel water tanks and highlight exactly why these tanks are a brilliant investment for farmers.

Benefits of Steel Water Tanks

Here are 5 benefits of steel water tanks for farmers.


Steel is widely known for its strength and durability, and for a very good reason – it can withstand a lot more than other materials.

Concrete tanks are prone to cracking. As for plastic tanks – this material generally allows light to seep in which may compromise the cleanliness of the water stored within the tank. With steel tanks, farmers can seek refuge knowing they won’t crack, and the water will remain clean.

Farming irrigation

Many farmers know that keeping a farm irrigated can be a financial nightmare, considering a farm will require copious amounts of water to keep the crops and plants healthy. Farmers rely heavily on rainy seasons to ensure their crops will flourish; if there is a period of no rain, crops will lose their health.

Using a steel water tank that captures rainwater can be used for irrigation and will help farmers ensure the life of their crops and plants.


Steel water storage tanks generally have a longer life compared to other tanks on the market and require fewer repairs and maintenance. This helps farmers reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Supply during a crisis

In South Africa, we are prone to experiencing droughts and water shortages. With steel water storage tanks, farmers can ensure a constant supply of water even during times of drought. Crops aside, this stored water could be purified and used for other purposes if the need arises.

Insist on Steel

At the end of the day, there are many reasons why plastic water tanks will fail. No matter how you look at it, steel water tanks are the way to go.

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