Keeping It Pure

Many forms of water purification are being adapted for use across the world. In areas with a limited water supply, water purification can be the difference between life and death, while some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, desalinate and purify the water from the ocean to make up for the lack of it within their arid environment. Various industrial water-purification tanks are available for applications such as storing potable water after the purification process removed any unsafe substances from it or taking care of the purification process itself within the tank.

Aquadam can supply water-storage solutions to the industrial and residential markets, with a wide variety of tanks to suit your every need. When it comes to industrial water-purification tanks and their functionality, our Dura System, Rhino, and Smart Tank models can provide suitable storage options to our clients, with more than enough applications to add versatility to these tanks and grant their owners many uses, with water purification being part of the long list. Today, we will focus on the Smart Tank model and how this tank can provide numerous benefits in terms of the storage of various substances, including water.

The Smart Tank

When it comes to industrial water purification, the Smart Tank offers a design to match the highest South African industry standards. With certification and approval from a professional engineer, you can be assured that the Smart Tank offers a viable solution for industrial water-purification tanks that will not only be practical for varied applications, but also offer durability and excellent structural integrity.

The Smart Tank is a cost-effective method to store liquids such as water. It is a high-quality, panel-type reservoir that can easily be used for various applications within any industry. Featuring a lightweight roof and a modular system that bolts together, these tanks offer more strength than galvanised models, granting a design life of about 50 years for you to take full advantage of. The components of the Smart Tank can easily be transported due to their flat-pack design, firmness of shape, and mechanical strength, with minimal maintenance required.

Apart from being a viable option regarding industrial water purification tanks, the Smart Tank is ideal for other applications as well, including the storage of potable water, harvesting rainwater, reservoirs for remote sites and rural areas, and storing flammable liquids within a safe and stable environment. As a result, the Smart Tank is ideal for almost any type of liquid storage, making it a viable option for the agricultural and forestry industries in South Africa as well. In the end, you will be able to use your Smart Tank for storing various types of liquids and fulfilling a range of functions in the process, including industrial water purification.

Aquadam offers a variety of tanks to be used throughout a spectrum of industries, with options for the farm, industrial, and residential settings to ensure that you always have a tank to harvest rainwater or store other liquids for when you need them. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and details on our tanks.