What This Is All About

We as Aquadam are a Kingdom Business looking after the Kingdom of God here on earth, making a difference now…

Thank you so much for buying into this project of ours, this is something that you will never regret and you can make it your own. Pay it forward is a phrase that means to reward someone’s kindness toward you by being kind to someone else. The idea is that you do not hoard the kindness for yourself, or confine it only to a small circle of people. Instead, you spread the good-will in order to affect as many people as possible.

Paying it forward is about giving without receiving or wanting something back.  It’s creating a better world for all of us in our immediate “world” especially for the new generation that needs to look up to someone for hope and love, you may never know the name or the face but you cared enough to make a difference and you took a stand.

Our focus as a Kingdom Business is to get 10 more Kingdom Businesses to build with us, those Kingdom Businesses get 10 more Kingdom Businesses and so the project becomes bigger and lighter on us and we reach more children, our vision as a Kingdom Business is to reach 25 000 children with a breakfast every day before the end of 2020, we are currently on 1300 children a day that gets a healthy meal. To hear the testimonies and to see the photos is priceless, your addiction starts here so to speak.