storage tanks – Now that you have decided to buy yourself a water storage tank, you are left with the next step to take. This one can be a tough decision to take. You now need to make the choice between a steel storage tank and a
plastic storage tank. Which one is the better option? Well, in this article we will provide you with the reasons why a plastic storage tank IS NOT the best option.

First, what
different types of plastic tanks do you get?

In the South African market, you have synthetic storage tanks for different purposes and capacities, This ranges from storing a few hundred liters of water in a household water tank, to storing thousands of liters of chemicals in an industrial plant. It is true that plastic storage tanks have made our lives easier.

In what
types of categories can plastic storage tanks be divided into?

Food and milk Plastic storage tanks

This type of tank is often used in storing food grains in warehouses. Usually, these tanks are not of large capacity. They protect the food from moisture and fungal attacks. How you may ask? Well, these tanks are air-tight containers. When it comes to the storage of milk, plastic storage tanks are not very popular. Yet they serve the basic purpose of transporting the milk from point A to point B, without any spillage. With plastic storage tanks resisting atmospheric heat, the milk contained inside remains safe from external heat.

Chemical storage tanks

Lately, storing chemicals in s plastic storage tank has become very popular. Tanks that are lined with linear polyethylene are suitable for stationary storage of chemicals. The reactivity of plastic is very slow with almost every chemical substance (except for highly reactive ones). Multilayer plastic tanks easily resist the corrosive and abrasive actions of the chemicals. Some of the most popular plastic storage options available for chemical storage are Brine tanks, double-wall storage tanks, and underground plastic tanks.

plastic storage tank




Glass Reinforced Plastic tanks

Now, these tanks are suitable for the storage of chemicals, liquids, solids, and everything that does not fall in the category of highly reactive substances. The material fiberglass only reacts once with the chemicals, and this is to develop immunity against any further reactions. Fiberglass tanks are robust, strong and durable; however, they are rather quite expensive

major factor of the categorization of storage tanks is based on their mode of use. Vertical tanks are more used for stationary or overhead uses. Horizontal tanks are used for transportation purposes like carrying chemicals or goods
from Point a to Point B

What are
the different reasons why a plastic storage tank will fail me?

Most of the storage tanks that are being manufactured today are made out of plastic. It is true that plastics have replaced metals as far as storage technology is concerned. But even if the label says that it is the best option to consider, you should also know the Con’s of a plastic storage tank. Below is a list of all the reasons why a plastic storage tank will fail you, which you should not take lightly in considering to purchase one:

Reason 1

Plastic storage tanks can change their shape considerably due to changes in the temperature. The strength and stiffness of plastics also varies with the external temperatures. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) becomes brittle when it is exposed to cold temperatures. In cold regions of the country, the tanks may be damaged due to moisture and freezing temperatures.

Reason 2

One of the other common modes of failures in plastic storage tanks is “creep“. This means failure or deformation of a solid substance under stress. When the tank is exposed to stress, the plastic can deform and this will result in the failure of the structure. Environmental stress cracking may also cause chemicals to react with the material of the tank, which is otherwise resistant to the chemical composition of the stored material

Reason 3

A major cause of plastic storage tank failure is bad installation. It is advisable that you should have a smooth concrete slab so that the tank can rest over it. If your plastic storage tanks rests over an uneven surface, it will result in base failure of the tank. With an uneven surface, problems like having trouble with shifting or moving the tank from one place to another will arise.

plastic storage tank




Reason 4

Plastic reacts with heat and then produces BPA. It is an organic synthetic compound that can lead to a deadly disease. It can even lead to reproductive hormonal disorder.

Reason 5

A very harmful acid, named Phthalic acid, is commonly found in plastic. This acid is known to cause allergies, asthma and pregnancy complications.

Reason 6

Plastic contains petroleum chemicals which has adverse effects on the nervous system and can also lead to respiratory irritation.

Reason 7

When water is stored in a plastic storage tank, it becomes smelly and unfit to drink.

Reason 8

Plastic storage tanks alter the taste of water.

Reason 9

The growth of algae, fungi, and bacteria is a very common occurrence in plastic.

Reason 10

Water that is stored in plastic storage tanks are unfit for household work like washing clothes and watering plants. This is due to the water in a plastic storage tank causing the clothes to lose their shine and plants dying.

plastic tank




Reason 11

Water from plastic storage tanks are not good for our skin, it also damages the quality of our hair. This will lead to hair fall.

Reason 12

Plastic storage tanks needs maintenance on a regular basis.

So… now the

With just a few disadvantages of plastic storage tanks listed, you can bet that there are a few hundreds more. Now it comes down to your decision in whether you are willing to risk it to buy a plastic tank. The decision stays yours to make, but can I give you a good tip? Instead of purchasing a plastic storage tank, rather purchase a steel water tank.

It is not only essential for your health but is also kind to the environment. Not only does a steel water tank look more beautiful than a plastic one, but it has more advantages than the plastic storage tank. Not convinced? Head on over to your blog Plastic vs Steel tanks ( https://www.aquadam.co.za/plastic-water-tanks-vs-steel-water-tanks/ ), and see for yourself what I am talking about.