PVC Membrane Roofing is essential in many industries that require extra space, protection, and shelter. In this post, we will be exploring the world of PVC Membrane covers. Therefore, you will have all the details you need to have regarding these membrane covers that you can make an informed decision.

What is PVC Membrane material?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. The PVC Membranes at Aquadam is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials to ensure that they are fire-resistant, ripstop and UV stabilized.

This membrane material is flexible and resembles fabric. As a result, the finished products (PVC Membrane cover) can be used for a myriad of applications. We will discuss their uses in the section below.

These membrane covers are made from 700gsm (grams per square meter) without any wire bracings. Therefore, these membrane roofing covers are ideal for just about any setting and purpose. This type of PVC membrane roofing is versatile and durable!

How do we use this roofing membrane?

AT Aquadam our engineers have worked tirelessly to create the perfect structure to go with our PVC Covers. This is known as the AgriDome.

Our Agridome is made with one of the strongest frame structures. Hot dipped galvanized structural steel (Q235) is used to create the frame for this Agricultural Dome. This gives you, the customer, peace of mind when it comes to the structural integrity of our Agri Domes.

Furthermore, we also make use of one of the strongest mounting methods, by incorporating extra portals and purlins. Each and every portal is mounted to a pre-welded spigot and galvanized base plate. This allows the AgroDome’s structure to evenly distribute the stress loadings across the surface of the Agri Dome.

We use our PVC Fabric Membrane covers in conjunction with our AgriDome steel frame to ensure that our customers are covered! No matter the weather!

Our Fabric Membrane Covers are heavyweight. Therefore, they can withstand harsh weather conditions like excessive wind speeds and rain.

Standard AgriDome Sizes:

Our AgriDomes come in various standard sizes:

  • 2.2m (Height) x 6m (Width)
  • 2.6m (Height) x 8m (Width)
  • 3.4m (Height) x 10m (Width)
  • 3.5m (Height) x 12m (Width)
  • 4.6m (Height) x 15m (Width)
  • 4.5m (Height) x 18m (Width)

Why choose a PVC Membrane Cover

Everyone needs more space! Especially when you are a farmer. Agriculture requires vast open spaces. Additionally, farmers need storage sheds to be able to safely store their equipment, etc. لعبة كرات

A few examples of what our Agridomes can be used for:

  • Farming Shelters / Barns to protect animals from natural weather conditions
  • Yard covers for livestock auction displays or horse arenas
  • Weather protection and storage of farming equipment, feed, and other farming consumables.
  • Outdoor work areas
  • Aviation Hangers for Aeroplanes

A farmer’s equipment and animals are his bread and butter. Therefore, farmers require strong, durable shelters and storage. Our AgriDome comes with various benefits that can make a farmer rest easy knowing his assets are protected:

Fire Resistant

Our AgriDome covers and structures are fire-resistant. Therefore, you never have to worry about the damage to your investment. Whether you are using it for storage or animal shelters, you can be sure that the structure will be protected from unexpected fires that may break out on your farm.


Ripstop fabrics are woven fabrics using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. During weaving, (thick) reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern.

Therefore, ripping and tears in your membrane cover is a problem of the past.

UV Stabilised

UV stands for Ultraviolet Light. The most common sources of UV light comes from the sun, fluorescent lights and curing lamps.

Most plastics will absorb UV light rays. As a result of this, the plastic will slowly start to degrade, lose its color and strength. Therefore, we ensured that we included a UV stabilizer into the manufacturing process to ensure that this will not happen with your PVC Fabric membrane cover.

Stronger, less stretch, durable

This fabric membrane cover is ideal for farming environments due to its strength.

Furthermore, it stretches 7 times less than the convention covers. البولو Additionally, it is more durable than most other lightweight materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Our AgriDomes are built to withstand wind speeds up to 24kms p/h! Furthermore, they are engineered to comply with the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) specifications to withstand cyclonic wind load ratings.

We call it “Super Strong” you’ll call it “Peace of Mind”

– Aquadam


No Harmful Chemicals involved

Our steel and/or PVC covers are not treated with arsenic, acid or pesticides. Therefore, it is not harmful to plant or animal life in its environment. You can rest assured that your animals are safe under the AgriDome.


Our AgriDomes are not painted! And will never need paint! This is due to the fact that dust, dirt and other pollutants simply wash off with water. Additionally, there will never be any “rotting” parts to replace.

As an added bonus, you save on maintenance, repair and cleaning costs when you install an AgriDome. The rain does all the cleaning for you!

Cleaning PVC membrane roofing is easy, cost-effective and efficient. Never struggle with repairs of shelters and storage again. موقع payeer

Permanent or Temporary

If you’re a company that needs frequent, temporary structures/shelters, we’ve got you covered. Our domes are built easily and efficiently. Additionally, they are portable. Therefore, your investment into a quality storage/cover solution extends not only to your farm but can be portable and easily reassembled to serve as shade/storage solutions in other areas.

An easy-to-use, versatile dome shelter that you can travel with!

What are the costs involved with this roofing membrane?

The AgriDome costs less than other lower and non-rated conventional shelters.

It comes with a 10-year warranty. Therefore, you don’t worry about the durability of your dome shelter. The Agridome is ideal for any farmer.

The PVC membrane roofing cost is worth every cent. Keep in mind all the added benefits you are receiving!

Multipurpose, affordable, durable and sleek.

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