Rainwater harvesting is an effective way to collect water in a tank to be used for a variety of applications. Usually, rainwater-harvesting tanks are installed at residential homes, giving the household an alternative source of water. This alternative source can save money on monthly utility bills throughout the rainy season. It can also serve as a main water source for outdoor usage like irrigation systems and swimming pools. As a result, rainwater-harvesting tanks will be to your benefit at home.

Aquadam specialises in a multitude of specialty tanks, with our Home Tank offering a rainwater-harvesting option for residential applications. Rainwater is a viable resource that can easily be used for outdoor applications. Rainwater can also be filtered to make it safe for indoor use. This process does not require intensive filtering, making it possible to use rainwater in the kitchen and bathroom without trouble. Therefore, the Home Tank can bring a new dynamic to how you approach water usage at your home. Today, we will focus on the Home Tank and how effective it is as a rainwater-harvesting tank for your household.

The Home Tank

The Home Tank features a rounded, narrow design to make it ideal for saving room by placing it snugly next to a wall. It can hold up to 60 000 ℓ water, depending on the size you wish to install. This tank features complete UV protection to prevent algae build-up in the tank. As a result, you have the peace of mind that the stored water will not be contaminated because of its exposure to sunlight. The Home Tank is made from Zincalume-coated steel, a material that ensures insolation and strength for the tank’s structure.

As a rainwater-harvesting tank, the Home Tank works perfectly by connecting gutter pipes from the roof to the tank. This allows rainwater to be harvested directly from the roof of your house to fill up your tank. From there, the water can be connected to irrigation systems, used to fill swimming pools, or filtered and pumped into the house. The inner wall of the tank features a polymer coating to essentially eliminate corrosion. This coating allows for longer storage times and extends the life of the stored rainwater in the harvesting tank.

The design of this rainwater-harvesting tank is not only optimised to save space, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. The Home Tank is an excellent addition to your home, giving you the means to save water and exploit the rainy season to your benefit. This tank can also serve as a backup water supply for when the municipal supply fails. Therefore, you can rest assured that your household will never run out of water again. The tank is easy to install and maintain, with an expected lifespan of at least 20 years.

Aquadam offers a selection of useful tanks with specific applications. Our Home Tank is an ideal choice as a rainwater-harvesting tank for your home. If you want more information on the Home Tank, feel free to peruse our website for details. Choose Aquadam today and take advantage of rainwater harvesting for your household.