Environmentally Conscious Consumers Seeking Rainwater Tanks for Sale

While the main topic of conversation in South Africa today may be more focused on load shedding and its impact on our daily lives, eclipsing the significance of last year’s near-disastrous drought in the Mother City, the impending water crisis remains a stark reality that poses a threat, not just to convenience and profits, but to lives. As a hedge against the increasing likelihood of severe shortages, many ordinary citizens are now investing in the rainwater tanks that were once mainly intended for sale to farmers and those living in the more arid regions of the country. Today, suburban dwellers nationwide are affected by dwindling reserves of potable water and many consider this is the best option to ensure they will have enough to sustain their needs.

The regular hikes to tariffs imposed by municipalities appear to have led to increased hardship rather than a reduction in consumption. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to seek a more practical form of conservation which, at the same time, might be able to help the nation’s consumers limit the financial burden posed by those burgeoning monthly municipal bills. Needs vary between individuals and to cater to these, there is quite a wide range of rainwater tanks for sale today.

The choice is based upon a number of different factors including the desired storage capacity and various aesthetic options, such as colour, that serve to ensure an installation is not unduly intrusive and in danger of spoiling the appearance of a property. The capacity requirement will be determined jointly by the proposed uses for the stored water and the anticipated average rainfall in the region where it is to be installed. As far as the proposed usage is concerned, many purchasers are quite happy to use the harvested water for tasks such as watering lawns and herbaceous borders or perhaps for washing windows, cars, and driveways. If it is required for drinking purposes, however, it will also be necessary to add a suitable treatment plant to the cost of whichever of the various rainwater tanks for sale in South Africa one has purchased.

When properly plumbed into the domestic system, however, even without any further treatment, the stored water can then be utilised to flush the toilets and to supply a washing machine or dishwasher, as well as for bathing and showering purposes. Between them, these functions account for the majority of domestic consumption, which means that purchasing and installing one of the rainwater tanks for sale to domestic users could actually serve to eliminate the bulk of your monthly water bill and thus allow you to recover the initial investment cost quite quickly. More importantly, though, every domestic consumer who decides to adopt this simple, yet effective conservative measure will not only be saving money but will also be helping to reduce some of the mounting pressure on the country’s vital reserves.

Aquadam is a specialist in the field and, along with the tough, corrosion- and UV-resistant zincalume steel rainwater tanks we have for sale, we also offer all the accessories necessary to create a complete harvesting and distribution system that could liberate you from total dependence on costly and unreliable municipal supplies.