The Rhino Tank

When it comes to liquid storage, the most popular and effective method to go about it comes in the form of tanks. Offering a cylindrical shape to equalise the pressure of the liquid being stored inside, these tanks can be used in a variety of applications, like storing flammable liquids within a safe and controlled environment.

Aquadam offers a variety of tanks that are specifically tailored to suit specialised applications, with a choice between various models and sizes to not only fit within your work environment, but also optimise efficiency for your specific application, giving you a comprehensive approach to liquid storage tanks. Our selection includes the durable and versatile Rhino Tank, with a list of applications and uses that can be the answer to your liquid storage problems. This tank is made from epoxy-coated steel that features an electrostatic powder coating to ensure that the tank is durable and can withstand challenging weather conditions, making it ideal for a plethora of applications. Today, we will have a closer look at how the Rhino Tank can be used within the industrial and commercial sectors, granting a viable solution to liquid storage and offering toughness to broaden its functionality.

Rhino Tank Applications and Uses

This steel tank has a stable and robust structure, making it ideal for remote sites and rural area where there is a risk of structural damage. With the Rhino Tank’s optimal strength and structural integrity, it can easily be used as a buffer tank to keep the liquids inside safe and free of any contamination, or as an aeration tank to ensure that the stored liquids are properly aerated without too much structural movement or pressure inconsistencies. When it comes to commercial uses, the Rhino Tank is ideal for storing fire water for fire stations, with its structural integrity making it viable for heavy-duty applications, as well as the purification and filtration of large volumes of water.

When it comes to industrial uses, the Rhino Tank is an ideal candidate for frac and mining water storage, as its shell offers more than enough strength in an industrial environment such as a mining site. This tank can also be used for sewage and septic tank applications, as its steel shell ensures that the tank has ample structural integrity. Thanks to the steel shell, the Rhino Tank offers a viable option for storing flammable liquids, keeping the liquid in a controlled environment and reducing the risks associated with storing flammable liquids. Finally, this tank can be used as a thermal energy tank as well, with temperature regulation and consistency being offered through the use of a steel shell as opposed to concrete.

Aquadam has a variety of liquid storage tanks to give you viable options for commercial, industrial, and residential implementations. For more information on these tanks and their specific applications, feel free to peruse our website for details, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Let Aquadam offer the solution to your liquid storageproblems today with one of our specialised tanks.