The different types of tanks can be quite overwhelming when you first start out, but that’s why we’re here! We want to help you make an informed decision when walking into a shop (or online shop) to buy your water tank.

In this post, we will be going over all the details regarding the materials that we make our tanks of and what they can be used for.

Tank Meaning / Definition

While your mind might instantly go to water tanks, tanks are used worldwide for a massive variety of uses. Tanks are storage containers. They are used to store liquids like water, chemicals, and hazardous liquids or for solids, for animal feed, grain, etc.

Furthermore, tanks are needed extensively in the Agricultural sector for watering holes, fish hatcheries and more. Clearly, the tank meaning can vary across sectors and areas! Therefore, we are dedicating this post to the types of tanks and their uses so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when walking into a tank retailer’s shop or online store.

Why are most of our types of tanks cylindrical?

When it comes to liquid storage, the most popular and effective method to go about it comes in the form of tanks. Offering a cylindrical shape to equalize the pressure of the liquid being stored inside, these tanks can be used in a variety of applications, like storing flammable liquids within a safe and controlled environment.

Zincalume (Corrugated Steel) types of Tanks

Zincalume steel is a formulation of Aluminum (55%) Zinc (43.5%) and Silicon (1.5%) . This formulation makes the steel tanks extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions.

At Aquadam we have two ranges that feature this durable material: Home Tanks and Smart Tanks

Zincalume Smart Tank Range

The bigger tanks (Smart Tanks range) are easily customizable to your specifications and to suit your weather and environmental conditions. These tanks are durable and will be able to withstand some of the harshest weather like:

  • Hurricanes
  • High wind speeds
  • Regular thunderstorms

Uses for this tank includes:

  • Water tanks (Potable, Rainwater Harvesting, Storm Water Retention basins, firewater, irrigation)
  • Rapid deployment tanks
  • Safety tanks flammable liquids
  • Stock and poultry tanks
  • Agricultural Tanks
  • Aquaculture Tanks ( Fish Ponds & Hatcheries )
  • Forestry Dams
  • Industrial tanks (Mine Water, greywater, frac water, septic tanks
Smart Tank

Rainwater Home Tanks

Our home water storage tanks are also made from Zincalume to ensure you get the highest quality tank. The Zincalume coating will ensure that your tank has a long lifetime. Each and every tank that leaves Aquadam’s warehouse has a 25-year guarantee, leak-free.

This tank is designed for home use. However, these types of tanks (Zincalume) is used for the following applications too:

  • Potable Water
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Rapid Deployment tanks
  • Clearwater tanks
  • Filtration tanks
  • Greywater dams
Rainwater Home Tanks

PosMAC: Fire-resistant tanks

PosMAC is a Magnesium, Zinc and Aluminium alloy coating that acts differently to iron when exposed to the elements. These combined coatings give the steel very unique properties and created protective barriers on both the inside and outside of the tank. For this reason, tanks made out of PosMAC from Aquadam will always adhere to the latest recognized code and be able to withstand any fire hazard and/or situation.

These tanks are most often used in industrial and agricultural sectors. Uses include:

  • Fire protection tanks
  • Agriculture (irrigation, drinking, stock, poultry, slurry tank)
  • Aquaculture (fish hatcheries)
  • Certain chemical storage
  • Domestic and rural water storage (Potable water and rainwater storage)
  • Emergency relief tanks
  • Industrial and mining sectors
  • Loose storage tanks for solids (salt, sand)
  • Recycling greywater in industrial and mining sector
  • Safety tanks for flammable liquids
  • Water treatment and purification plants (Water and wastewater)

What makes PosMAC better than it’s counterpart fire tanks?

  • 3 x higher corrosion-resistant properties
  • Excellent anti-corrosive resistant flat surfaces and cut edges
  • High corrosive resistance against neutral salt & acid rain

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Tanks

This tank is made from epoxy-coated steel that features an electrostatic powder coating. As a result, the tank is ensured to be durable. Additionally, the tank withstands challenging weather conditions, making it ideal for a plethora of applications.

The Rhino tank is robust and highly resilient against chipping, cracking or flaking off which means you won’t have to worry about damaging the tank, even when installing!

These types of tanks are ideal for use in agricultural and industrial industries. Additionally, they perform exceptionally well with:

Chemical Storage

Chemical storage comes with a wide range of complications. There are chemical hazards and fire hazards to consider when you are storing any type of chemical.

They work so well for chemical storage because they have pH suitability of 2-11 and temperatures of up to 60° C. Thanks to the steel shell, the Rhino Tank offers a viable option for storing flammable liquids, keeping the liquid in a controlled environment. Therefore, reducing the risks associated with storing flammable liquids.

Other uses include:

  • Suited for any environment (rural, remote, agricultural, industrial, etc.)
  • Water Storage (Potable, stormwater retention, firewater,)
  • Safety tanks flammable liquids
  • Septic Tanks (Sewage and slurry tanks)
  • Thermal energy tanks
  • Wastewater treatment and purification tanks (Purification tanks, clear water tanks, filtration tanks, recycling greywater
  • Water purification tanks
  • Thermal Energy Tanks
  • Aeration Tanks
  • Anaerobic Digester Tanks
  • Buffer Tanks
  • Clarifier Tanks
  • Fermentation Tanks
  • Frac Water tanks
  • Industrial tanks
  • Mining Water Tanks
Rhino Tank

Aquadam types of tanks Add-ons

At Aquadam we commit to providing our customers with the best products. Therefore, there is a multitude of add-ons to every tank in our ranges.

There is a wide range of tank sizes to choose from. Additionally, many come with extra optional add-ons like roofing, ladders, rainwater harvesting systems, working platforms, etc.

You can enquire regarding each tank’s add-ons by going to each tank’s page on our website. Additionally, you can contact us on Facebook.