The Various Types of Water Tanks for Sale

There are many reasons why someone might need to store a large quantity of water and, for practical reasons, the design of the vessels they can use to perform this function vary widely. The most obvious of these variations is capacity. While an average suburban family in South Africa might find it sufficient to maintain a reserve of just 5 000 ℓ or so and to obtain it by harvesting the rainwater that would normally have been transported from their roofs by downpipes and drains to the sewer system, a large farm or an industrial plant may need to store hundreds of thousands of litres. Accordingly, the water tanks offered for sale must include a fairly wide range of sizes.

Rainwater is the product of a cycle that can be thought of as a natural distillation process. As a result, it is of a high standard of purity and free of potentially harmful contaminants. On top of this, it costs virtually nothing to collect and store but could allow any household that harvests rainwater in this fashion to reduce its dependence upon the increasingly expensive municipal supply by as much as 70%. Apart from its obvious economic advantage, the practice has a more far-reaching benefit. Every household that chooses to purchase one of the water tanks offered for sale as the storage component of a rainwater-recycling project will be making a small but nevertheless significant contribution to the larger national goal of ensuring the long-term sustainability of future municipal supplies.

Outside of the home, there are a myriad uses for this simple but vital liquid. Apart from its vital role in sustaining human life, it is equally crucial to the survival of all animals as well as plant life. As a result, many of the water tanks for sale in most countries, including South Africa, are destined to end up on farms where their contents will be used to irrigate crops and sustain livestock. In fact, the agricultural sector accounts for more than 60% of the country’s water consumption and, for much of that vast quantity, many farmers must rely directly on rainfall and whatever surplus they are able to harvest and store.

Irrigating thousands of hectares and watering vast herds of cattle are big jobs that call for equally big storage solutions and this means installing some of the larger water tanks for sale – and which have been designed with the needs of the farmer in mind. One such product is the Smart range of corrugated-steel storage tanks manufactured in South Africa by Aquadam. Favoured for its flexibility and affordability, the Smart range consists of two lines. The Express consists of standard-sized products that can be purchased from local dealers or online while the Extreme offers the greater versatility of products customised to conform to the unique needs of the individual purchaser.

In addition to its agricultural applications, the high quality, mechanical strength, and firm structure of the range of Smart products position them among that small group of water tanks for sale that is suitable for use in multiple fields. For example, they can be found in water-treatment plants and on fish farms. They are commonly used for filtration and sedimentation purposes and to hold the vast quantities of water required for use in conventional mining operations as well as in the process known as fracking.

Because they are also fire resistant, they are an excellent means to supplement firefighting requirements, while simply changing the type of liner used renders them suitable for chemical storage. In addition to domestic rainwater-harvesting systems and the versatile Smart range, Aquadam offers many other world-class water tanks for sale locally.