Water tanks are becoming necessity for every business and household in Southern Africa. At AquaDam, we specialize in water tanks. Therefore, we are able to supply, install and maintain your water tanks whether it is for agricultural or domestic use. 

Furthermore, we have various water tanks for sale at AquaDam. For our first post in 2019 we will focus on our extensive product range and help you understand what you need.

Why does it matter what type of Water Tank I have?

Water Tanks are specially made with it’s end-use application in mind. 

Therefore, agricultural water tanks will have specialized coating. Storage tanks for substances other than water required a different material or coating. Whereas Domestic water tanks will be smaller due to space constraints. 

This is just a general explanation as to why there are so many different water tanks. When you are looking to buy a water tank for your business or home, there are a few vital questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing:

  1. What size water tank do I need?
  2. What do I want to store in this tank?
  3. How strong is the material that the tank is made of (Specialized coatings, thickness of material etc.)
  4. Does this tank have a warranty? 

These are four of the most basic questions anyone should think about when they start looking for a water tank supplier. 

We will now briefly discuss our 5 ranges of water tanks.  

Our Water Tank Range:

Various storage tanks suitable for different uses:

Rhino Water Tanks
Zinc Smart Water Tank
agri water tanks
Home Tank

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Water Tanks most common uses:

Domestic Use Tanks:

  • Smart Tank
  • Agri Tank 
  • Home Tank

Agricultural/Commercial Use Tanks:

  • Rhino Tank
  • Gunite Tank
  • Smart Tank
  • Agri Tank

Note: Always discuss your option with your sales agent. Staff at AquaDam will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect tank for your application. This post is aimed at giving you a basic idea of the most common uses of the water tanks that we supply. 

We will now discuss the benefits and properties of each tank in detail: 

Home Tank: Rainwater Storage

What makes this water storage tank unique? It is build with a system that collects rainwater from rooftops. Therefore, you are saving on costs of water when installing one of these water tanks in your home. 

You can reduce your household dependence on main water systems by 70% with the collection of rainwater from rooftops. This water can then be used for bathing and watering gardens and even drinking water. You can reduce your dependence on main water water systems and save money while doing it! 

So what features does this Home Water Tank have? 

  • UV protection against the sun rays to protect drinking water against algae build-up and/or dirt
  • Maximum capacities for the space you have available at home for maximum water accumulation
  • Unique profiled 0.8mm zincalume steel with firmness of shape and mechanical strength
  • Polymer coating to reduce corrosion between tank wall and the water stored. 
  • Modern look for architectural designs
  • Install as a complete rainwater harvesting system to improve water quality with almost no maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation as a DIY project at home
  • Lifespan of 20 years or longer

We will go into further detail regarding these tanks in future posts, so make sure that you keep an eye on our blog. 

Smart Tank: Zincalume Coated

These tanks can be used for water storage and rainwater collection. 

They are ideal for agricultural use (Irrigation, stock and poultry uses). Additionally, these tanks are also used in the Industrial and Mining sectors. The smaller smart tanks can also be used at your home if you have a need for something bigger and stronger than the Home Tanks mentioned above. They are perfect for security estates and holiday resorts for water storage. 


So what makes this tank unique from our others? 

  • Thanks to its corrugated shell and the zincalume coating, the Smart Tank is very durable for inland and coastal conditions.
  • Using the latest geomembrane technology, we make sure that the liquid stored inside is not contaminated: the tank is lined with a certified potable liner suitable for human and animal consumption.
  • Having a modular design, The Smart Tank can be shipped anywhere in the world and erected on-site very easily.
  • The Smart Tank can be produced in optional polymer coated colors that can blend into the environment.
  • The Smart Tank is designed to withstand wind speeds, thunderstorms and earthquakes.

As can be seen from the few points above, these tanks are durable! You won’t have to worry about replacing this tank anytime soon as they come with a design life of over 50 years. Additionally, they come in a flat pack, so they can be delivered anywhere in the world and is easy to install!

Agri Tank: Panel Type Tank

One of the most versatile tanks on the market today. The Agri Tank can be used for domestic use in complexes, business parks and more. Additionally, it can be used for Agricultural purposes. 

This tank boasts with some awesome materials like Zincalume which will last seven times longer than galvanized steel! What does this mean to you? Simple. It means that you won’t have to replace this water tank for at least 50 years. Additionally, you get a 20-year leak free guarantee. Can any other water tank manufacturer offer you these high quality solutions? 

Agricultural Water Tank

A few benefits of the Agri Tank: 

  • Manufactured to AWWA (American Water Works Association) Standards D103
  • Approved according to engineers’ specifications
  • A versatile high quality and affordable panel type steel tank (Can store water and certain chemicals in this storage tank) 
  • Excellent fireproofing qualities
  • Optional zinc-aluminium steel roof can be added
  • Low maintenance
  • You can specify the sizes and specifications of the tank to suit the application
  • Capacity of existing tanks can be increased by adding additional rings
  • Life expectancy of more than 50 years
  • Pro-rata 20-year leak free warranty

Rhino Tank: Panel Type Tank

Need something that’s tougher, bigger and better than all other steel tanks? Well, you want it, we’ve got it! 
The Rhino Tank has been designed to function as a high-quality, damage-resistant steel tank. 

This gem will solve all your storage needs whether it is for Agricultural uses, waste management tanks or mining uses. While it can be used for water storage, it is ideal for storage of various chemicals. 


So let’s get into some of the key features of the Rhino Tank:

    • Epoxy coated steel tank with electrostatic powder coating application
    • Epoxy powder coated high strength steel with a excellent resistance to aggressive contents
    • Hydrostatic design to withstand loads when full to top capacity level
    • Seismic design to withstand loads resulting from seismic forces e.g earthquakes
    • Tanks sheets is hot rolled from low carbon, non alloy mild steel plates
    • Rolled structural angles and wind stiffeners
    • Tank bolts encapsulated with a high impact polypropylene copolymer
    • External colour as standard in Green and blue, other colours are available on request

Some of these tanks most frequent uses include: Fire Water Tanks, Septic Tanks, Thermal Energy Tanks and, Water Storage Tanks. 

This tank is so versatile that we will be focusing on all of it’s benefits, uses and information  in our blogging series.

Gunite Dam: Seamless Water Reservoir

If you live on a farm, you know the importance of having a reservoir without any hassles. 
Our reservoirs has various uses within the Agricultural sector: Manure Storage tanks, Fire Water Tanks, Fish ponds and hatcheries, stock and poultry tanks and so much more. 

It shows exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations. Additionally, it comes with a 10 year guarantee whether we have installed it, or helped you repair your Gunite Tank! 
So what are the Gunite Tank benefits and specifications? 

  • Steel-reinforced, seamless concrete wall structure
  • High strength due to low water-to-cement ratios
  • Low absorption due to high compaction
  • Resistance to weathering and chemical attack
  • Maintenance-free
  • Economical, since the formwork is reduced considerably and construction time is kept to a minimum
  • Concrete can be placed in various areas and forms
  • Good waterproofing qualities due to high cement content and compaction
  • Structurally sound and durable construction
  • Life expectancy of over 40 years

Why go with any other water tank company when Aquadam has everything you need in a water tank manufacturer? We are committed to high quality products that will last a lifetime, and customer service that will exceed your expectations every time.

Our highly specialized water tanks will allow you complete control and peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in something that will last. 

For more information on our product selection, please feel free to contact us. One of our sales agents will be happy to discuss and advise on the water tank selection at AquaDam. Feel free to contact us on Facebook.