What is an Agridome?

The agridome is the most versatile shelter structure in South Africa. The structure has hundreds of uses. Each dome shelter offers you a combination of the finest materials available in design.

We understand the implication of the high cost of steel structures; keeping livestock under harsh conditions means losing money. The same applies when storing goods and materials under inadequate cover. That is why we develop the agridome – it is specifically designed for the harsh conditions of an African environment.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at an Agridome and uncover the benefits it offers. 

Benefits of an agridome

Let’s zoom in on the several advantages that an agridome boasts.

Fewer pests

The Agridome structure has no corners. This means that insects and pests cannot hide and breed in small, confined spaces. This reduces the number of pests in the same vicinity as your livestock, which decreases the number of diseases and ailments in animals.

Structural integrity

An Agridome is constructed of hot-dipped galvanized structural steel (Q235), which means that it is one of the strongest frame structures available to purchase.

Controlled light, ventilation, and temperature

One of the most prominent benefits of an agridome is the abundance of natural light and ventilation it receives. Thanks to its shape and fabric membrane cover, the agridome stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, eliminating the need to exert expenditure on temperature control measures.

Speaking of a Fabric Membrane Cover, that brings us to our next point.

Strong and durable

The agridome is built with a Fabric Membrane Cover (PVC) which unlocks a host of benefits:

  • No tearing
  • Self-cleaning
  • Fire resistance
  • Withstands wind speeds of up to 24km/h
  • Comes in white to reflect sun rays and keep the inside cool

The great thing about agridome is that the steel from which it is constructed doesn’t shrink, swell, split, warp, rust, or rot away. The steel is also corrosion-resistant. 

Introducing the agridome – the durable PVC cover structure that requires low maintenance and is cost-effective. You can now create the optimal condition for maximum production while keeping animals safe from theft and healthier than ever before. 

Get your agridome today

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Every option you select is seamlessly added all to exceptional standards to create a customised pre-engineered structure that is uniquely yours.

We will be launching the Agridome next week at the Nampo Show. You can find out more details about the show, here.