The Smart Tank is a complete custom-built water storage tank according to your specifications. Adapt the tank shell, roof sheets, colour and resistance to wind speeds against extreme weather conditions and ship it to anywhere in the world. Using the latest geomembrane technology, we make sure that the liquid stored inside is not contaminated: the tank is lined with a certified potable liner suitable for human and animal consumption.

How Is the Smart Tank Built?

Smart Tanks make use of the latest geomembrane technology to ensure that the liquid stored inside the tank is not contaminated. The tank is lined with a certified potable liner, suitable for both human and animal consumption. The steel panels of the tank are coated with a zinc layer on both sides. The corrugated steel sheet is repeatedly hot dipped in a formulation of:
  • Aluminium (55%)
  • Zinc (43.5%)
  • Silicon (1.5%)
The Aluminium components of the coating provide a tough physical barrier between the extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core steel. Zinc possesses inherent sacrificial properties and thus corrodes first before the mild steel corrodes. The lightweight Zincalume roof can withstand wind speeds of up too 100km/h. These roofs are equipped with a hatch as well as an internal and external ladder to provide easy access in and out. The smart tank has been branded under two categories:
  • The Smart Tank Express: Standard tank sizes obtainable from your nearest authorised dealer or our online shop.
  • The Smart Tank Extreme: Your option for a completely customised water storage tank.
Now that we’ve looked at how Smart Tanks are built, let’s zoom in on their key features.

Key Features of The Smart Water Tank

Aside from the Smart Tank’s exceptional quality, thanks to its design that was engineered to a recognised code of practice, the Smart Water Tank boasts an array of key features:
  • Low maintenance
  • Modular system
  • Mechanically strong
  • Easily transportable
  • Stronger than galvanized tanks
  • High quality panel-type reservoir
  • Certified by professional engineers

Where Can a Smart Tank Be Used?

The Smart Tank is suitable for a wide variety of applications. In the agricultural industry, they are ideal for stock, irrigation, and poultry use. They are also widely used in the Industrial and Mining industry, for rural and domestic water storage, grain storage, wastewater treatment plants, township development and for storing potable water in security estates. The Smart Tank can also be used for certain chemical storage applications depending on the chemical and tank liner type. Furthermore, the Smart Tank Extreme’s exceptional fireproofing qualities make them ideal firewater storage tanks.

Get Your Smart Water Tank Today

For affordable and flexible uses in many situations, Aquadam supplies a wide range of Zincalume Corrugated Tanks under the Smart Tank brand. Aquadam can adapt the tank shell, wall sheet thickness, roof sheeting and truss design to your specific needs. Contact us today and get your Smart Water Tank.