The benefits of installing a rainwater tank at home are many:

  • Rainwater is free and can be stored for use in the garden or the home.
  • Installing a tank and its required systems is relatively easy.
  • During winter when there is an abundance of water, the tank can be diverted to assist in flushing toilets or in the laundry.
  • Rainwater is filtered enough to use to wash the car or in the pool.
  • Capturing rainwater reduces the pressure on stormwater systems.
  • Storing water means less need for governments to construct new dams.

The Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting.

When you think of a water tank you need to think on the larger scale of the system itself; the tank, downpipes, guttering, occupants of the home and the roof. You should try to install as large a tank as your home can afford, as the more rain saved for a dry day the better. The main benefit is that the rainwater falls just where we need it. There is no need for transport, external pipelines or dams to pump it from an external source.

How Much Rainwater Can I Store?

A loose equation is that every square metre of roof area collects 1 litre of water for every 1mm of rainfall. Aquadam Home Tanks can hold the following amounts of collected rainwater:

The round tank holds a minimum of 1 500l and a maximum of 60 000l

The Slimline tanks old a minimum of 2 000l and a maximum of 7 000l

As an example:

An average house has a roof area of 160sqms.

Each square metre of roof collects 1 litre of water per 1mm of rainfall.

Assume 80sqms of roof area connects to the water tank.

If you have 10mm of rainfall, the water collected by the tank is 800l.

How Do I Use It?

At the last count, almost 30% of eligible households currently have a water tank. And that figure will only increase over time. Most tanks can have a diverter fitted so the tank water can be used to flush the toilets or run the washing machine. Imagine the savings made in a family household by not using town water every time the toilet flushes. And your garden will definitely thank you during those long summer months when you help it stay nice and green.

Can I Hide The Tank?

There are many colours available in modern tanks. The Home Tank is available in 14 exciting colours, as well as the original galvanised look, allowing homeowners complete freedom of expression at the same time helping homeowners manage their water with flair and elegance.

If you’re thinking of having a water tank installed, contact us and we can help plan ahead for location and future plumbing to assist in a smooth installation.