To bring our products to the market faster, we need reliable open minded self-starter owner dealers for every Province & Country. Customer prefer to deal with companies who can serve them better and faster!

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Introducing the most exciting business opportunity to provide water storage solutions, while helping to save more water for future generations! When it comes to providing the best value-for-money products, Aquadam will guide you in making the right decisions. We are the most trusted & reliable manufacturer of steel tanks and dome covers in South Africa. Aquadam is known for water tanks and dome covers that are: Stronger, Better and Smarter.


This opportunity allows you to offer your clients water retaining structures from 1 500 liters up to 3,2 million liters without the massive capital layout of establishing and running a steel manufacturing factory. Aquadam has acquired the most technologically advanced roll forming equipment and bending machinery to form and bend each tank exactly to the specific needs and specifications of your client. Every tank is optimally designed by a professional engineer to use the strongest and best materials available. As an Aquadam Owner Dealer you will have access to our marketing material that can be used in your own marketing campaigns. You will also benefit from our marketing campaigns in the form online advertising, search engine optimization, e-mail campaigns, product specific webinars, and newsletters.

Business Opportunity

 Aquadam is offering you an opportunity to become an Owner Dealer with access to all our products, expertise as well as our manufacturing know-how. The dealer becomes the face of Aquadam in the region or area where they are based, with full support from the factory in Waltloo, Pretoria. This includes: marketing, technical sales support, assistance with technicalities during construction as well as construction advice. We have a great team of professional office personnel who make it their duty to support all owner dealers with their challenges. 

Aquadam realised the need for fast reliable water storage tanks and reservoirs in 1992. During the last 28 years we have assisted literally thousands of farmers and commercial clients in South Africa, the rest of Africa and around the world to overcome their water storage challenges, whether it be for potable water, fire water or process water applications. Our tanks range from a 1,000 litre rain water harvesting tank to a 3.2 million litre tank with a great many options and specifications to choose from. Our clients are the real heroes of every project, and our role is to guide and assist them to have the best solution in place that address their current and future water storage needs.

We have an exciting opportunity for the right persons to become part of our growing family Network of Owner Dealers based throughout the country. You will engage with our clients and guide them along the way from consultation to determine the client’s need, through the quotation process to installation, ensuring our clients are more than satisfied with the end result.
In a world where the management and storage of water is becoming more critical by the day, YOU can make a real difference by joining our expertise and market leadership and your client relationships to a write a beautiful success story. Your legacy will be the success stories of your clients. Join us now to make a difference to you and those around you!

We have acquired the most technology advanced roll forming equipment & bending machinery to form and bend each steel coated tank exactly to your specific needs and specifications.
Our steel coated tanks is designed and manufactured on demand to last you a lifetime and guaranteed to give you peace of mind when you acquire a tank from Aquadam.
Every tank is build with the very best experienced and passionate workers as if it were there own. Installers are trained and certified to give you the most memorable experience during every installation process.
The owners of Aquadam has more than 50 years experience in the manufacturing and installation of water retaining structures from as small as 1500 liter tanks up to 5 Million liter tanks.


Every tank is optimally designed by a professional engineer to use the strongest and best materials available. Most of the materials is sourced locally to save on import duties and cost.
We have a great team of professional office personnel who makes it there duty to support each customer with there specific water storage needs in the shortest possible time.

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