Slimline Home Tank


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Slimline Water Tank. The most convenient and aesthetically pleasing option for people living in complexes, and small apartments. Don’t struggle with water cuts!

Home Tank Technical Details:

Why Choose Zincalume Slimline Water Tank?

Zincalume water tanks are perfect for water storage. Some of the applications include:

  • Water Storage (Greywater, Clear Water, Rainwater)
  • Water Filtration Tank
  • Rainwater Harvesting Tank
  • Domestic Water Tank
  • Township Development Tank

Additionally, these water storage tanks are versatile. They are manufactured from 2000l – 7000l.

Benefits of This Slimline Water Tank:

  • Design and Build

Slimline water tanks are built with smaller areas in mind. Therefore, these tanks are built in an oval shape. As a result, the slimline water tanks fit into any small yard/apartment areas.

  • Aesthetics

Manufactured from Zincalume steel. Therefore, they add a flair of elegance to a practical solution. The tanks are available in a variety of colors to suit your house/complex.

  • Strength

Steel tanks mean added strength and durability.  Therefore, you never have to worry about your tank buckling, bending or cracking under pressure.

  • Warranty

Our steel tanks come with a standard 20-year warranty. However, they can last much longer!

Rainwater Collection

Why pay for something that is free? These tanks are available with rainwater harvesting systems. Therefore, you will be able to collect rainwater. Additionally, you will save money and become more independent from the main municipality lines. The revolutionary rainwater storage tank is designed primarily to harvest rainwater gathered from any roof structure.

  • The narrow and round design of the tank is perfect for urban areas where space is a major concern. Unlike traditional tanks, the HomeTank tank will not block walkways. 
  • Simply divert a gutter downpipe directly above the tank’s filter screen to safely collect rainwater from your roof into the water storage tank.
  • The harvested rainwater can then be used to irrigate the garden, top up the swimming pool, wash the car, etc. 
  • Several other unique features include:
    • Outlet options, allowing for any inlet/outlet configuration.
    • 450mm threaded lid with removable filter screen (conforming to international standards).
    • 50mm overflow outlet with mosquito-proof stainless steel mesh.
    • Corrugated shaped body for added strength, to maintain cool stored water and to ventilate the surrounding area.
    • Available in either from as small as 1,000 liters up to 60,000-liter storage tanks available.



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Slimline Tank Size

2000L (1800L X 900W X 1540H), 3000L (2500L X 900W X 1540H), 4000L (2100L X 1150W X 2200H), 5000L (2400L X 1150W X 2200H), 6000L (2800L X 1150W X 2200H), 7000L (3300L X 1150W X 2200H)


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