Order a Future Tank or Smart Tank in the month of October and receive the construction of the ringbeam for free, on supply of the ready-mix!

    The Aquadam steel tank range includes zincalume steel sheets or galvanized corrugated steel. Each tank has a 10 year Quality Guarantee.
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  • Water Shortage South Africa #WSSA
    Water Shortage South Africa #WSSA
    We would like to reward our customers for their business the past 20 years. For every 10,000 litres combined storage capacity we're giving back R100 in Water Credit. You can use the Water Credit on your next purchase as discount or donate the money to the group Water Shortage South Africa. #WSSA is committed to help drought stricken towns and communities by donating drinking water and drilling boreholes.
  • The Muleby System Tank
    The Muleby System Tank
    Also known as a Precast concrete reservoir, Aquadam’s range of prefabricated concrete panel reservoirs are highly efficient for quick and cost-effective installation when compared to traditional construction methods. The panels are prestressed and post-tensioned to ensure that the system is perfectly watertight and exceptionally durable. The MST is ideal for the storage of biogas.
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  • The Rhino Tank
    The Rhino Tank
    The Rhino Tank is a tough bolted steel tank covered with a thermally bonded epoxy coating for higher impact durability. Highly corrosion and chemical-resistant, this tank is virtually resilient to on-site damage and exceeds traditional coating requirements. Epoxy coated panels are precision fabricated to meet all your requirements for a longer tank life which means lower life cycle costs and a quicker return on investment.
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  • The Future Tank
    The Future Tank
    Aquadam’s range of Zinc/Aluminium Coated Tanks – also known as Future Tanks – is an extremely advanced, locally manufactured water storage system.

    These metal-finished tanks represent one of the safest, healthiest, most cost-effective and attractive metal-finished water solutions on the market. Ideal for firefighting.
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  • The Smart Tank
    The Smart Tank
    Aquadam manufactures a wide selection of sizes for the galvanised corrugated tank range. The Smart Tank is affordable, customisable and easily transportable.

    Aquadam’s galvanised corrugated tanks are ideal when quick DIY installation is required. Uses include nurse ponds, fish hatcheries, irrigation tanks, rain water tanks, industrial fluid storage tanks, buffer storage tanks and mopping-up tanks.
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  • The Gunite Dam
    The Gunite Dam
    With over 20 years experience and well in excess of 3 000 reservoirs delivered to date, Aquadam is indisputably the South African market leader in the manufacturing of top quality Seamless Concrete Reservoirs.

    Aquadam’s concrete dams are widely used in a broad range of industry sectors including agriculture, aquaculture, mining, forestry and industrial chemicals.
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Watertight Storage Tanks, Dams and Reservoirs manufactured by Aquadam
Welcome to Aquadam, South Africa’s leading manufacturer of agriculture and industrial liquid storage tanks and reservoirs. We have been supplying optimum liquid storage solutions to satisfied clients since 1972, and today we store in excess of 3,5 billion liters of water every daily. We take pride in playing a part in preserving water, the world’s most precious resource!

Muleby System Tank

The Muleby System Tank, is a range of Precast Panel Reservoirs highly efficient for the fast and cost-effective installation of prefabricated concrete panel reservoirs for the mining industry, municipalities and renewable energy projects.

Rhino Tank

The Rhino Tank, is a durable, highly corrosion and chemical resistant Coated Steel Tank. Rhino tanks utilise a dry dupont powder fused to the tanks surface available in virtually every colour and resilient to on site damage.

Future Tank

Aquadam’s range of Zincalume Coated Tanks – also known as Future Tanks – is an advanced water storage system. These metal-finished tanks use the only certified potable water liner manufactured in South Africa, suitable for storing drinking water.

Smart Tank

Aquadam supplies a wide range of Colour Coated Tanks - known as Smart Tanks. Aquadam’s Colour Coated Tanks are ideal when quick delivery and installation is required. These corrugated steel tanks are versatile and rust resistant, durable and maintenance-free.

Seamless Gunite Dam

With over 3 100 dams delivered to date, Aquadam is indisputably the South African market leader in the installation of the well known "Naatlose Betondam". This method is also used successfully to refurbish old cracked farm dams and reservoirs.