Round Home Tank = 8000L / 2.25mø x 2.2H

The Home Tank features 0.08mm Chromodek colour sheets, customizable to match your roof or shed. Its interior is coated with a durable polymer to prevent rust. Equipped with a 600mm manhole and leaf debris filter, it also includes a 50mm galvanized inlet and outlet. A solid concrete footing is essential to support the tank's weight and prevent overturning.

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Terms and Conditions
When buying your tank online, please be aware that the price excludes shipping and installation. Shipping fees will be determined by the distance to your location. Manufacturing begins after payment and typically takes 2 to 4 weeks, depending on material availability. You'll receive the installation manual upon delivery. The tank is guaranteed leak-free for 2 years with clean potable water. Ensure the base is larger than the tank diameter, properly compacted, and sound.